Finally decides to do something to this blog. LOL!
Life is TOO gd now! NO TIME TO WASTE ON BLOGGING! :X Though plenty was spent on TUMBLR! haha!
Planned this buffet to celebrate end of exam! Was suppose to eat at Sakae instead, since we had suki earlier this year. BUT! We were damn sway la! When ICON Village and the whole place was BOOKED for an event. WTH la! So went to the nearest one at CPF building. AND THE DAMN SAKAE OVER THERE ACTUALLY CLOSED DOWN! wth! WE HAVE ROTTEN LUCKS LA! So the only sushi buffet left on a sat was SUKI. Good for me! Cox I miss my mochi :D LOL!
Attendance: Me, Juyin, Hidaya, Paula, Qiu Jing, Ervin, Yong Fatt and Hussein! Had 2 tables since there were too many of us!
RED BEAN, GREEN TEA and peanut
2nd time to suki and both times I started eating this MOCHI!!!! ended with mochi toooo.. YUM! :D
Cream puff
Cream puff is a must eat too!!
Doremon's fav! my fav too! DORAYAKI!
red bean filling again. YAY! never enough :P
Corn with crabmeat
Another love! egg mayo;)
can't rmb what is this, all i noe was it's nice!
ebi fried!
Crabstick tempura
Ebi tempura
Eat to kill time. LOL!

fried chicken
Fried potato
So-so chawanmushi

Hidaya's nightmare! Tako yaki!
More tofu:D

dirty table :X
I think we ate more during our last visit! HAHA! I didn’t eat a lot of sushi this time round, I was filled by  mochi <3 AND COMING FRIDAY! i MANAGED TO PERSUADE MY FAMILY TO EAT SUKI!!! cox I’m craving for the mochi, cream puff and dorayaki AGAIN! esp. MOCHI!!! YAY!!!!! hoho! So happy that they actually added mochi to the menu <3