My throat hurts like hell. I realised that it is not those screaming that caused my sorethroat, but becox I’m falling sick. It’s the kinda of sore throat you get when you are about to fall sick. I know that because I’m having a running nose now. DAMMIT! I feel sleepy :(
-OCC is still as tired as ever! But still it’s fun to up good karma with dear friends! Really appreciate those that made their way down to help us today! Esp. those that have been to SCAMP! I like Shumin’s saying of ‘Never say tired!’ YES! EVER READY TO CHARGE! haha! The funniest part of OCC was the 634 part. LOL! It was like we were in different dimensions, in the end it was just a mistake! Quite funny la! haha!
You Mian for lunch! Love mian mian mian! :D

Alright, I shall go and sleep after I upload finish my photos. :X Please don’t fall sick! :(