This is what I’m feeling now, 38.2. RARHS!
-throat was so much better when I woke up today
-nose is still running with fever.
-due to the fever, my bones my aching :<
I thought I’m never going to fall sick :( THIS SUCK!
While everyone in the family is complaining that tonight is freaking hot, I’m feeling cold! Can totally feel Prof IP chanting to me on Negative feedback loop. LOL!
When Yishun today to meet mom for lunch then visit my family doctor.
My Seafood soup that doesn't seen to have any seafood. LOl! Got la, hidden below. HAHA!
Came home – SLEEP! Luckily my nose isn’t blocked, so shiok to sleep in rainy day! :D
Woke up again then received this call from Melvis, I got his no. so the moment I saw his no. I was like ‘shit must be OHL thing’ Yes, and I was right. =.= THANK YOU TO IZHAR AND CARLINE FOR SABO-ING ME! So I passed on the ‘sab0′ to PAULA! haha! So I think is either Paula or me now. *Paula pls be u!* :D :D :D
I don’t want to be OHL! I just wanna be one crazy senior that creates background NOISE! lol! I don’t like to fight against houses :( that’s why I DISLIKE WAR GAME TO THE MAX! Another thing is – I don’t want to be dunk.

HAHA! :x Ok pray hard!