Back from CBS’s Growth Camp! Omg! Many experiences gained from this first ever role of being a facilitators!
Day 0:
Meet up with some of the flag comm members and headed to the school!
Ta dao Subway for dinner! - Chicken Breast with honey mustard sauce
Had a briefing (totally same thing as the one we had a vivocity! D:) till  1am before we get to bathe and sleep.
Some of us!
Was damn tired on day 0 already! LOL! Is aging really catching up with me? HAHA!:D NONONO! Must be the night cycling la! Haven’t  recover from it before heading to the camp :(
Day 1:
Woke up at 5+ am!!! Had a bad headache and my nose was very painful! (still painful now!) I secretly think Hidaya boxed me while I’m sleeping! LOL! Just joking, haha! But I wonder why my nose is so painful! :(
Breakfast was WHITE BREAD with KAYA SPREAD. Ok, both items are like on the top of my most DISLIKED FOOD LIST! So Hidaya, Juyin and I went out to 7-11 to buy D-plus breads! HAHA! Was a painful journey to find 7-11! Cox we couldn’t find it at first! That was our morning exercise to start the day! That makes our already tired body even more tired la! :(
New flavour! White bean with chestnut! If u think that the red bean flavour is already very sweet, I tell you this is even sweeter! BUT I LIKE! haha! I didn't know white bean existed. LOL!
We were almost late when we got back to the campus again :X
Maomao and I were posted together to GROUP 8! The moment I know that I’m working with maomao my brain automatically switch to slack mode. LOL! SO HAPPY! I can depend on maomao to entertain the kids :D
Met up with the kids and had ice breakers – OMG! This was tough! Basically my group was made up of mostly sec 2 students and only 3 sec 4. THEY ARE REALLY QUIET AND RESERVE AND ANTI SOCIAL! Headache headache! I have 2 problematic kids that always go missing and I have to search for them like hell!!!!! GRRRRRRR! , 1 anti social that refuses to play games or talk to me or join in anything and every 10mins he will tell me that he want to either go toilet or go water cooler……. But the most troublesome one was this guy that has special needs. Ok, I don’t have anything against him just that his behavior totally creeps me la! He likes to touch girls! Go around and talk to girls, stare at pretty girls and secretly take photos of other female classmates. THIS IS ALL THE THINGS THAT I SAW HIM DOING IN THE CAMP! My goodness! I can totally understand the feeling of that poor girl in my group that was constantly being pest by him!
Baked beans with potato, Fried fish fillet and 2 chilli fish balls. This is really bad for my already bad throat! But I think the food is slightly better than NUS la! At least I don't see white rice ONLY! there is gravy in this! I hate everything and left the non-gravy part alone. haha
So Day 1 I really secretly hates my group! LOL! Especially when Maomao went off to be the game master for YOG after lunch! I had a hard time controlling them la! :( So tired! I guess a lot of other facilitators were facing similar situations like me! Most of the kids were really not spontaneous!
I think the only good thing about the camp was the buffet style dinner! HAHA! Yes they actually served buffets for dinner for both days! Have you ever seen this in any camp? Not for me! HAHA! But so happy they had this! LOL!
The buffet spread!
Closer look! There are fried rice, fried bee hoon, stir fried vege, curry chicken, curry puff and chilli fish balls
They also had fine dining for the sec 4 students
Chicken chop
French fries
I was looking for the fine-dining at first, but after looking at the food I was really glad that the facilitators are eating the buffet together with the sec 2. HAHA!
Was very very hungry by dinner time! The kids can really drain my energy! BUT! I was being marked out to help out with their night walk! Which is like a fright night la. Juyin and Hidaya were also with me. So we couldn’t join in for dinner until our briefing ends! :( By the time it ends, most of the food were already gone~ You can imagine how sad I was! :( :( :(
My food! Only Bee Hoon, vege and curry chicken left :( No more curry puffs and fishballs :( :( :(
I took a really huge plate compared to others. :X And there was this female facilitator  that saw me taking a huge portion, so she came up wanting to serve me (facilitators have to serve food in case some kids take larger portions than others) So I was like ‘nvm nvm I can get it myself’ LOL! Then she immediately black face me because I took 3 servings of the vege and 2 servings of the chicken! I was wondering why she showed me a black face? They were all like leftover food, so I was like helping to clear the food you know! :( So sad, I’m born a hungry ghost can! :(
Besides this bad experience due to our job as the ‘ghosts’ for the night walk, we need to eat really fast and rush off to our stations! Cannot enjoy my food~ HAHA! Anyway, the night walk was totally brilliant!!!! They actually play those really scary music in the background with the students were blindfolded and were walking in pairs only. Our job of cox was to scare them! There were facilitators that had to put their hands in ice and then touches the legs of the students suddenly!!! REALLY SCARY RIGHT?! Somemore with the creepy music on! Ya! Then also got other facilitators along the way to disturb them and act as ghost! Hidaya and I had the same task! We were located at the end of the walk where we had to scream into the ears of the students suddenly! HAHA! Was really fun in the beginning! YES! Beginning only! Imagine near 300 students each in pairs, that means we have to scream like more than 100+ throughout the night! So the quality of our voice went from high pitch screaming in the beginning to anyhow anyhow in the end. LOl! But the kid were really scared by us! HAHAHAHA!!! Very funny to look at their expressions! LOL! Some of them even cried la :X I think the best of Day 1 was this! haha!
Day 1 ended with a debrief and bathed and finally can sleep!!! OMG SO TIRED LA!
Day 2:
We were the first to sleep yet we were also the last to wake up! haha!
Breakfast: Juyin, Hidaya and I bought extra breads for day 2 too! haha!
Purple potato! This was not as sweet as the white bean one. Love it cox I simply cannot resist potato too! HAHA! I hope that will come up with pumpkin filling soon! :D
Never been so tired before in my life, my body was aching all over and my legs muscles were crying to me :( Most importantly I don’t think I can survive another day with the devils!
The day’s activity was to bring the kids out to CBD and had something like amazing race from 9am-3.30pm. I thought it was going to be easy cox the camp coordinators promised us that the stations are going to be close to each other. THATS TOTALLY BULLSHIT!
My route map was to walk (cannot take public transport!) from War memorial park -> Singapore Flyer -> Helix Bridge -> Victoria Concert Hall -> Singapore Arts Museum ->Suntec -> Esplanade -> back to War memorial park. It may look close on the map, BUT NOT AT ALL WHEN YOU HAVE TO TRAVEL BY WALKING! So like the 6 hours we only had time to complete till SAM! My legs were arching like CRAZY!!!!!!! The places that we went were very similar to night riding EXCEPT we do it with our feet! I rather run 10km than to experience this craziness again. Now I think back, this camp is like some extreme weight-losing camp la! Walking non-stop under the bloody sun and with limited water! Sounds like desert?
Mobile ice cream man! Reminds me of the days when my dad would always buy me one whenever we see this ice cream stall! Thats so so so so long ago~
Choco chip with bread - The teacher attached to other grp was really nice to treat everyone with ice cream!
Looks familiar? They actually have the gut to serve same lunch for the both days! Except the fishballs were changed to fried tofu! Luckily I'm too hungry to curse at them!
I had my lunch w/o forks and spoons! The army way of eating!
There were not enough forks and spoons going around so other facilitator taught me the army way of eating. So Pathetic can?! But I was so tired and so drained that I didn’t care la! I even finished all the rice you know! See that was how hungry I was from all the walking! :(
So glad to be able to end the amazing race and go back to school! Slept immediately on the way back! LOL!
Back to school had to guide the kids in their campfire preparation, they were totally not interested I would say. Only a few more enthu ones were planning while most of them were just sitting and stoned.
Fried chicken wings
Fried Spring rolls
Mee goreng
Curry vege
Pineapple fried rice
Scrambled egg
Buffet again! And even better than day 1! So happy! All my favourite dishes! LOL!
Dinner for the day was rush! Really rush! The kids only have like half an hour to complete their meal because next activity needs to start on time! So I was serving like mad la! Rmb the female facilitator that black faced me on day 1? She also came to help with the serving. Cox it was very rush and really messy, she was liking shooting the F words all over the place la! So I concluded, she has a really hot temper!
After serving the kids I only had less than 15 mins to rush my dinner! :(
My dinner was so yummy! Took a portion of everything! Like the mee goreng the most!
Had campfire after dinner, I think it was one of the best campfire I have ever seen. I literally mean the CAMPFIRE.
Finally ended the camp with the kids by having the ‘love web’ session. Was emotional, even though the kids really bought a lot of anger to me throughout the camp, ultimately they were just kids and I had a better day with them on day 2. So was quite sad to leave them too.
Some of the Grp8 and 21 kids, Some only becox many of them were hiding behind the camera >.<
I wish them all the best.

Finally got to go home! Didn’t want to stay a day longer cox my body really really can’t take this anymore!!!! My dad came to drive me! SO NICE RIGHT?! You know what, he even carried my camp bag when he saw how large it was! OMG! I was really really touched! I feel like a primary school kid but I feel even more love! THANKS DADDY! Fathers’ Day is coming! Time to show my love! :D
Finally can have a good rest on my bed! Miss my bed so so so so much!!! Slept from 11 hours! Could be longer if not for my hungry stomach and my going to burst bladder. LOL! But sadly today is also the only day that I can sleep like mad :( Tml need to wake up early for tuition and then Monday I’m off for another camp! :(