My day was hectic!
1. Woke up early for tuition.
Apparently after 10 sessions I still have a hard time finding my tutee’s block >.< The HDB there is damn messy la! And you know what happened???!!! While I was teaching, suddenly the mother rushed out of the bedroom! I was still wondering why is the mother speeding at home? AND THEN! I felt something all of a sudden hopped on my lap! IT WAS THEIR DOGGIE!!! OH MY GOD! I totally stunned until the mother carries the doggie away.. My goodness! Luckily I stunned and did not do anything stupid. I wonder if I was breathing at the time… Oh man! Since when my life becomes so dramatic?
2. After tuition lunched and went to watch PRINCE OF PERSIA with sq!

I can’t help comparing the movie with The Scorpion King which was years ago~They appeared to be quite similar to me.  HAHA! I prefer Prince of Persia! Thought it gonna be a boring movie like Clash of the Titans. But I was so wrong! If you haven’t catch it you should!
3. Shopped for camp items and bought a new book!

Quite random! HAHA! Wonder if I have time to read it also. :X
4. Finally home! The first time that I do is ….. SLEEP! damn tired! I live like a retiree now! HAHA! No wonder my body can’t take campings now. :(
5. Woke up around 5pm and had my tea snack! :D  I bought a D-plus bread on the way home! hoho! Tore it apart and have it served hot from the microwave! DELICIOUS~ Sweet potato rox my taste-bub! Please come up with pumpkin and yam flavours soon! I will love you more! wheee~
D-plus's purple potato
6. Dinner was AWESOME! Cox it’s sunday! YAY!
Dad cooked a whole pot of braised drumsticks, stir fried chilli stingrays, stir fried carrot, stir fried prawns and a soup.
My dog plate!
Because I don’t hate rice, so I always use this plate for all my meals and filled with all the dishes. So my dad calls this my DOG PLATE! LOL!
yay yay yay! So happy with my food! <3 My brother was even happier! Cox he loves drumsticks! I think he ate like 5 of them la! Using hands…. >.< He is a super meat-lover! Other than my dog plate I finished almost all the carrots too! Only my dad has the power to make me eat this much! (other than buffets :x ) Not even my mum can match! Could finish all if not for all the oil that were left behind! Yucks! Apparently my dad uses oil like water! :( This is the only bad thing about my dad’s food! TOO SALTY + OILY! So everything he cooks, I WILL ALWAYS OFFER TO BE HIS ASSISTANT! To stop him from adding too much oil and salt and soy sauce and etc! But I always fails. Haha, maybe it’s a good thing that he cooks once a week only. LOL!
And I realised something too! my brother eats rice w/o any gravy! I was so so shocked! How he managed to swallow those pain and dry rice? Ok, so now I know those love-rice-genes went to him while the love-bread-genes came to me. LOL!
Daddy refused to cook pumpkin tonight :(

Alright, time to go back and pack my bag for tml!
Bye dear bed AGAIN! Gonna miss you veryveryvery much! :(