Part 2 of SOW kick starts with FLAG DAY!

Organising a flagging event really isn’t an easy task, especially when the no. of flaggers involved is so huge! Nonetheless, I was super excited about this event! Cox it’s like the climax for FLAG COMM! :D The only down part about this was NOT ENOUGH SLEEP! :<
2 Aug (Flag Day – Day 0)
Oh well, I booked back to school. Had to set up our HQ and prepare all the tins, stickers, welfare and blah blah blah. Basically to get everything ready for the actual event!
Stationed at our battleground!
Pack pack pack..
It was all about packing and slotting out the items for the day.
Food: ;)

Breakfast: An unusual breakfast for me! HAHA! almost half a whole cake! :X
Lunch: Me and my Yong Tau Foo again. I realised the yellow noodles in soup is damn NICE!
Dinner: Terence drove us to Engine to Ta-bao food. Engine's vegetarian stall is like the best now!
Some ordered pizza! Had a slice and I think wasn't very good. Maybe cox I prefer thick crust ones. HAHA!
Woke up at 0445 T.T But surprisingly I wasn’t as tired as I imagined. Perhaps it was due to the adrenaline rush! :D
See, the dark was still so dark when we started work! :<
Forming human chains
Carrying the heavy tins to YIH
Arranging properly
Finally everything ends before the clock strikes 12am!
It was really a damn tired day! I think the whole comm clocked less than 4 hours of sleep that night! And we went to sleep only at 3am after watching rag’s performance. We or at least I was zombified! :X
Lunch: Still not sick of Yong Tau Foo ;)
Dinner: Finally a change. haha! Dumpling noodles. Honestly I can't differentiate between the 2 noodle stalls at Frontier. :X
Surprise birthday celebration for RICKY!
4 Aug (Coin sorting)
The day where we all had nightmare and dare not to touch coins anymore! Imagine you are being trapped in a room, forced to  sort out the MANY MANY coins collected. OMG! Yes, we did that! Spent more than 5 hours doing that T.T
- Shoulders were aching
-Legs were tired
- Headache from the sleep deprived
- Hands smell of coins no matter how many times I actually washed them
Phobia to coins now
I swear I have never seen so much coins in my entire life! Maybe in years to come too! The sorting was like never ending. :(
Glad it’s over FOR GOOD! :D
Brunch: Yong Tau Foo AGAIN. hee~ Terence taught me to order my food this way.
Dinner: Super hunger! Went Engine to makan! Had Fishballs and minced meat noodles. This was suppose to be good from their awards. But sadly it wasn't :( The noodles was so OVERLY COOKED!
I did mention I was SUPER HUNGRY right? Thanks to the energy used at YIH! :< Bought chicken congee home to eat for dinner no. 2! LOL!
Really thank the helpers and ‘lao jiao’ for coming down to help in FLAG DAY! Their experiences really facilitate us a lot in the planning and executing of the event!  I was really really super touch and my heart felt super warm when I see the freshies flagging!
For the moment I finally understood the true meaning of FLAG DAY and why so many ‘lao jiao’ are so supportive towards FLAG COMM! I ALMOST WANTED TO JOIN BACK FLAG COMM FOR THAT FEELING! Yes! ALMOST! Because that evening I saw the ugly side of competition too. I told myself I’m not going to be involved in this game again. :< Kinda upset with it.
Aside the negative part, I’m really really proud of all the freshies!!! FLAG DAY HAS A NEW MEANING TO ME NOW! :D
Oh yes! We had a lot of welfares from the ‘lao jiao’ too! HAHA!
Bubble teas, Mr bean and etc...
Provence bakery! Yummy!
Basically other than Flag items, the most common thing found in our HQ is food and drinks! LOL!

It was seriously an amazing journey with my dearest Flag Comm 09/10.