FOP is officially over!!! Mixed feelings now. On one hand, I can’t wait to get out of SCI CLUB. On the other hand, I knew I gonna miss all the fun and people in SCI CLUB. Afterall, if not for SCI CLUB – FOP, I wouldn’t meet so many AWESOME people! From X-men, GAMBIT, Flag Comm, Sport Comm, The MCs, Inagawa, KATANA, Mystics, GORGON and many many people that I have met along the way in the past 1 yr. I simply love science faculty and is DAMN PROUD to be in the family! :D
SOW’10 part 1- 28/07 to 31/07
I was reluctant for the camp due to many reasons and complications. But come to think of it, I’m so glad I was there! Even though I was super upset to be made as the OGL. :< LOL! So glad that my dear GORGON bonded so well! They were seriously so awesome!
I purposely chose this photo to post :X
The move that I taught them! ;)
They started to go crazy from here. LOL!
Looking at them just reminds me of what GAMBIT used to be like a year ago. I feel as if they are a duplicate of us. I can’t rmb every single details from the camp. What I do rmb was their crazy cheers to the SOW COMM. The Comm was totally traumatized by them. LOL! The best part is, they came up with the cheer THEMSELVES! HOW AWESOME RIGHT?!
And of cox, there were also some complications among the OGs. Oh well, I don’t wanna specifically mention it anymore. Let bygones be bygones. ;)
Here comes the food spam! HAHA!
DAY 0:
Came to school early for faculty donation again.
Lunch: Yong Tau Foo! It's my current addiction! :D
DINNER: Ta-baoed vegetarian food from Engine! I ate brown rice! and spammed with green chilli! :D The brown colour thing was awesome too!
Juyin's dinner. Vegetarian too!
Qius's dinner! Vegetarian also!!!
We are all going to have good karma except hidaya! LOL! Btw, the soup was damn salty!
DAY 1:
LUNCH: bad!
DINNER: worse!
DAY 2:
LUNCH: Better, relativity.
DINNER: Better than day 1 >.<
DAY 3:
LUNCH: Miserable
AWESOME! Thanks to Amazing race, we get to enjoy food outside camp! HAHA! Dinner at West Coast Market!
Terence came to visit us! With not just Honey drink, but also cakes from SECRET RECIPE!
love this the most!! Something Banana chocolate cake I think. HAHA!
Apple crumble cheesecake and Strawberry marshmallow cake. HIDAYA WE DID ATTEMPTED TO CALL U! :D
AWESOME~ Not end yet!
Thanks to SP revelation! We get dessert buffet! :D
Plates after plates ;)
FYI, I'm not the one that took all this plates ok!
I have a night filled with dessert in my stomach. SO HAPPY! ;)
DAY 4:
Lunch: Disappointing. Why isn't it as good as the Prep-camp one?
Dinner: We ta-baoed and sat together at Vivocity! Yong Tau Foo rox!
This conclusions the end for SOW part 1!