Celebrated dad’s lunar birthday today! :D
Had steamboat on sunday and cooked longevity noodles for him on his actual bday date ;)
SUNDAY: steamboat
I seriously LOVE steamboat!
I saw joking that the amount of vege we had would be enough to fill our tummies! haha! LIKE 6 DIFF TYPES OF VEGE!! :O
Dumplings made by mummy <3
Prawns, sotongs and sliced fish~
Must have for steamboat! AWESOME~
Tofu, dried beansticks and mushrooms~
Had some cooked food while waiting for the steamboat to cook itself ;) fried dumplings, hotdogs and taiwan sausages! YUM!
wheeee~ I wanna eat again!
I love eating steamboat! We can just slowly take our time to fill up our stomachs meanwhile crap some rubbish together! :D
I think my family is totally BIG EATERS! This was what's left. VEGE. LOL!
MONDAY: Actual day!
Cooked longevity noodle ask Mee Sua and hard boiled egg for daddy. First time doing this for daddy, usually we will just go out and eat cze cha. haha! Cox yesterday just had stomach-bursting steamboat so we decided to have sth light. LOL!
We actually bluffed daddy that ytd’s steamboat was the only celebration for him.. so no cake no present :X haha! I think he don’t mind also, but OF COX WE DID PREPARE ALL THESE FOR HIM! We gave him a surprise by bringing out the ‘mini cake’ only when he was about to sleep! haha! HE WAS SURPRISED INDEED! :D YAY!
Emicakes's D24 durian cake!
Daddy has a very bright smile on his face when he saw the small cake and that’s all we need. ;)
This year we decided to just buy a small piece of cake and everyone take a small piece to finish it. Cox everytime when we buy the big ones, it’s always half into my stomach and half into my brother’s. Parents totally don’t like cakes. =.= So to save my bro and I from diabetes, we shall just have small mini cakes from now onwards. LOL!
Good thing about small cake: you will appreciate every bites! Seriously the cake is damn SHIOK! Maybe cox it’s from emicakes too, love their durian cream puffs too! :D
Camwhored camwhored.. and finally gave daddy the present! Was hand made by me! Even mum was jealous that she dont have. It’s actually a card for daddy. <3 He kept the card in his wallet now! :D haha!
Really glad to have them as my parents! Love them so much! I think the way my family works is like totally different from the ‘normal’ family? As in the way we communicate is more like talking to friends rather than daddy/mummy. To others, it may seem disrespectful to the parents. But nah~ to us that’s how we communicate and we love it this way! haha!