I love public holiday~ Great day spent with my family ;) <3 Could be better if I didn’t wake up with a pair of swollen eyes T.T SO LACK OF SLEEP! My cousin was saying that my panda eyes have UP LEVELED. Its going from BLACK to RED! what the hell.. =.= Swollen eyes please go away!!
Went Marine Parade to queue half an hr for this beancurd with black sesame rice balls! Hmm.. Still prefer rocher. :D
Bought my fav ANG KU KUEH tooooooooo :D :D :D ALL MINE!!! I'M A SUPER HAPPY GIRL~~~
We had a sudden craving for DUMPLINGS! So mum made some for lunch! :D
There were fried and soup version. Fried ones are of cox the best. :D I think this is the culprit for my sorethroat! :(
After which we decided to visit my ah ma, who is living with my ultra rich cum disgusting uncle. First time to his new place. They actually have a puppy at home! A little over-friendly puppy too.. My uncle should learn from it. :X LOL!
The cute puppy! My fav kind of breed! :D
Had early celebration for MOONCAKE FESTIVAL! hoho! Rich people buy high ended goods. The mooncake was from Raffles Hotel.
Mum: Eat more hor, every expensive leh!
Me: U forget I can’t eat yam?
Mum: Orh.. eh nvm la, eat a bit nvm.

Crispy thin skin mooncake (yam filling) YUMMY INDEED!
Mooncake is never right without some tea.
No ordinary tea.
How rich can the uncle get? This bloody ‘pu erh’ tea leaves that we drank actually costed $3000! O.o I’m like drinking away a normal working adult’s salary, feel so sinful! TSK! Of course my mum keep on asking me to drink more. LOL!
My another uncle (a nicer one. LOL!) heard that my body is not very well so he bought some herbal soup from Mcpherson for our lunch, he didn’t know that we have eaten.
Black chicken herbal soup for lunch #2.

I HATE BLACK CHICKEN! But surprising it tasted good! :D The soup was clear and sweet! The yam rice also has a super super nice fragrance! Has my taste-bud changed?
All my relatives were saying that my parents ‘ill-treat’ me, cox I look so pale and blah blah.. So dinner, daddy and mummy cooked another homemade chicken herbal soup (no photo). After dinner went AMK Hub for a little SHOPPING TIME! :D Parents bought some ginseng slices for my lousy body too. DAMN BITTER! :(
I think I’m overly ‘bu’ in a day…..
So sad the day has ended :( Wish everyday could be a day like this! EAT AND EAT AND EAT and mostly importantly FAMILY BONDING TIME! :D If only today it didn’t rain, if only we bought an umbrella out, if only I had wore a jacket. Then we wouldn’t be caught in the rain! Then I wouldn’t catch a cold! Then there wont be any fever now! DAMN IT!

I seriously feel that my body is damn lousy now.. since when Lirong will fall sick because of some rain? T.T