Ok, the festival was 2 days ago. But my house is still trying th clear our mooncake stocks. LOL!
Wed: Mooncake Festival
‘Da Jiu’ invited us to his place for relatives gathering.
Took quite a few photos with mama before leaving home. Realised that we seldom take any photos together :X

Went to Da jiu’s place only in the evening, the whole day was spent playing mahjong with mama using my iphone. Cox of that I charged my hp twice that afternoon! LOL!
Uncle's 'palace' like freaking big!

Catered buffet! It was $20/pax. Must be the most ex. catered buffet I ever had. LOL!

My plate! Too many food to take! LOL! One round is never enough. :X

Say hi to coffee! Damn hard to take photo with him! He is just tooooo HYPER!

Back to eat again. LOL!

Kou Rou Bao(扣肉包) I do eat this kind of thing once in a while :X

The food was really mouth-watering la! Can’t stop eating! :X There were also dessert and soup, but my stomach was toooo filled. LOL!
After dinner, the gambling begins! haha! Remains me of CNY! hoho!
Played mahjong with my cousins while the adults were also gambling BIG at another table.
Feel like some ‘tai-tai’ while playing mahjong. LOL! Cox the maid keep helping us to refill our tea, mooncakes and pomelo. Its like one hand mahjong tile and the other either drink/food. SUPER SHIOK! :D
SINFUL to the max to think of all the mooncakes in the stomach :(
In a way I’m bless that the stomach don’t absorb well. LOL!
Because we ate a lot of mooncakes at uncle’s place, the mooncakes at home were left totally untouched and its like A LOT. So breakfast becomes mooncakes now…. OMG! Brother and Father don’t like mooncakes, so only mummy and I eating! :( Even more OMG OMG! I’m going to die of diabetics!
Some mooncakes that I like! haha!
Black sesame with 1 yolk

A bit bias here, cox I love black sesame! hee!
First time eating this kind of mooncake 'yang sheng' type.

Whats inside? Wolfberries, black + white sesame, sunflower seeds and no idea whatelse. LOL.

Trying to make mooncake ‘healthier’ too. HAHA!
I’m kinda of sick of mooncakes now. :( Start to feel that they are TOOOOOO SWEET! If only these mooncakes are SNOW-SKIN or CRISPY ones! Not that sweet at least. :(
More mooncakes to go~

SHIT! recess week is like E.N.D.I.N.G!!!!