Sunday, October 3, 2010

Turtle to lecture; rabbit to home

I’m not dead, the blog is.
Twitter makes things so much easier and tumblr rox (rot) my life!
1. Just had midterms, wasn’t very good. Oh well, my exam luck has ALWAYS been sucky :/
2. My medicine has ‘upgraded’ from powder form to the raw herbs. FREAKY SMELLY. What to do? :/:/
3. My weight dropped :/:/:/
4. Next week gonna be a short week for me! :)
5. Wednesday gonna be a SPECIAL day for me! IN FACT! Should say a day that would affect the rest of my life? HAHA! Curious? LOL! Not gonna say anything YET. :) :)
6. RA, HT, RS, CT! :) :):)
I love the way my life is now, everything seem to be so perfect and in place ;) Except maybe I shall divert more time into mugging :/ But again, mugging isn’t about everything in my life ;)

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