After months of TCM consultation, my stomach actually got better. In the sense that it doesn’t bloat easily now. :)
But ytd the bloatedness came back :< My stomach was still very very uneasy at 1am when I finished my dinner before 8pm T.T
Very sad, is it becox of my buffet? :( I don’t want to give up my feasting~
Please be well my dear digestion system.

Which princess are you? :D
Mine has always been Sleeping Beauty :)
At my time (not that I’m very old now! lol!) Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping beauty were the  ’popular/famous’ ones, not so much of the other princesses yet. While many of my little friends loves Snow White and Cinderella, I was the only one that like Sleeping Beauty (I don’t rmb any friends liking Sleeping Beauty :X).
Every girl longs for a happy ending with her prince don’t we? No matter which fairytale we are in.

Dear Prince where are you?