I always think that my father is not good with words. Like even when he is concern with something, he doesn’t know how to show it. So most of the time he will end up raising his voice at us, when in actual fact he’s actually worrying for us. The aftermath would be us all being unhappy because he raised his voice at us for nothing :X Nobody likes to be shouted for nothing right?
I always think that this is my dad, one who is poor with words and does not know who to express himself.
Nah, I was wrong.
My dad told me this the other day:
*translated to english*
Ah girl why are you not smiling? What thing make you unhappy huh? Come come tell papa, papa help you solve all your problems.
AWWWW~ Sweet! My heart was so warmed! HAHA!
Ya, I wasn’t very happy that day after my medical appointment, but my dad seriously cheers me up! I didn’t know there is this side of my dad! I feel like a baby all over again! LOL!

We talked and he managed to the smile back on my face. =)

I could spend the whole afternoon just siting there and observe the people walking by!
 Alright, 19 more days to endure! JIAYOU!:D