Wednesday, December 29, 2010


In a dilemma now..

*Can't wait to welcome the new year, 2011! But don't wanna go back to school so soon. D: Semester 1 holiday is so short! I miss the 3 months vacation. :( aiks.. 

*Can't decide between UTU or GEM2900. :/ 

- UTU can take with Fatty, Kai Kee and Juyin, maybe Maomao too. GEM2900 have to take alone. :/ 

- GEM2900 very slack, UTU have to do project. T.T 

- GEM2900 can end school at 2pm! or even 12pm! But have to be in school by 8am. D:

- Take UTU means Friday cannot end at 12pm. 

- GEM2900 is a suicidal module. 

Ohno! :<

*Party planning also giving me a headache! Why my guest list so long! Grrrr! So very tiring to plan parrrrtyyyyyyyy.................... Should I just cancel it? :X Maybe I should right? :D SAVE ALL THE TROUBLES! 

- Save money.
- Save time.
- I think I'm gonna feel awkward to have so many ppl gathering infront of me and sing me birthday song. :/ 
- I don't like be the center of attention. 

Why would a person like me need even want to organise a party? 

But it's a once a life time thing leh! Haha! 

Damn! Organise a not? :/ Just one word la, L-A-Z-Y. 

Can I have a party-planner? LOL! 

Then I can happily sit down and enjoy a cup of tea. :)

No, that's not going to happen. T.T

Asked my parents for opinions, they will just go '你喜欢就好' Boo! :(


最近比较烦,比较烦, 比较烦,烦 啊!:( :( :( 


Luckily.... I have, 

Mary stayed out late all night.

Didn't want to watch at first. How can they dress my Jang Kuen Suk into a beggar?! Hmph! :< But still watch la. :X Haha! 

Almost done with the drama, fairytale~~~ 

There can only be one choice, poor Byun Jung In! He's soooo sweet too~ :< 

Actually I prefer Byun Jung In to Kang Moo Kyul. Oops! Sorry Jang Kuen Suk! Love you still! <3

Back to the last few episodes~ LALALA~~~ 

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