Monday, December 27, 2010


Went for buffet again today~ Guess this gonna be my last buffet for 2010! Haha! Initially the plan was Sakae Sushi, but YP wanted sashimi so we changed to Suki Sushi! :) Even better for me! Got mochi! 

CH, Sebas, YP, YJ and I were on time, so we started first. Hehe. Buffeted from 12pm to 3pm. While Sharon, Avon, Adeline and PW reached like more than an hr later.. luckily we didn't wait for them. :X LOL! 

New menu at Suki~~~ SO LOVING IT! There are CHEESECAKES! I was damn excited when I saw the cakes! LOL! 

Left to right: Oreo Cheesecake, Chocolate Cheesecake and New York Cheesecake. 

My love goes to the Oreo Cheesecake! <3

Surprising the cakes were good! In fact I think the food were really good compared to my previous visit! NICE! :) Oh, there is one more raspberry/strawberry cheesecake that I didn't managed to try. :( Will go back for it!

Besides the addition of cheesecake, there is also the curry gyoza that left me a deep impression! Unlike normal gyzoate with chicken fillings, this was replaced with curry puff filling! Damn nice! :D Must try! 

The only sad thing about the buffet is that I only had 2 plates of mochi! 2 plates only!!! Cox they were out of stock for it. Nobody can understand the sadness that I had. :( LOL! Was so looking forward to mochi again! T.T One more reason to head back to Suki! Hee! 

Had to split into 2 tables since there were 9 of us. Basically the 'eaters' table and the 'talkers' table. HAHAHA! 

Eater's table - Sebas, YP, CH and I.
We ordered almost everything from the menu. LOL! Until the waiter has to hand us a new piece of order form :X Next time when I go again I would know what is best to be eaten! Hee! 

Heng we did managed to clear the food, we were like so scare after awhile when the waiter keep coming to our table, did we ordered so much? Made a lot of noise and keep disturbing the 'talker's table' haha!:X With Sebas and YP there will always be laughters! Haha! Love to buffet with them! They encourage my appetite. LOL! 

Luckily the people at my table can eat! If not I wonder how much we have to pay for the amount of food that we ordered. :X 

Steamboat Sashimi!

YJ didn't dare to have raw sashimi, so she had them in the mini steamboat (miso soup) Very brilliant idea! 


Very nice presentation right?! 

I think the only thing that we did not order was the ramen and udon. LOL! We must be crazy to do that. :P

Typing all these make me recall how yummy all the food were and totally regret not eating more food too! :< 

Talker's table - Avon, Sharon, YJ, PW and Adeline.
As the name suggested. LOL! More like they are paying the $ to come in and chit-chat. :X Haha! Serious, their order form was clean. Wasted. 

Can really hear the different between the 2 tables, my tables was thinking of how to clear the food while they were gossiping. LOL! But actually should learn from them - Stop eating when you are full! 

Had a great buffet time with them! Juicy gossips and bitching! :P 


After that went shopping in town. I see so many sales coming on~ Gonna be there again on friday with mummy, so that she can foot my bills. :X WAHAHAHAHA!!! No la, she also want to shop ok! :P 

Backed home from shopping around 9pm. OMG! Damn tired! Basically everywhere was flooded with people! From Somerset to Orchard to NEX and even Compass Point! Goodness! 

Braised Duck Rice

Shopping is really energy-sucking! Very hungry after an afternoon of walk, so went to pack food before finally heading home sweet home~ Wanted wanton noodles, but the smell of the duck attracted me!:DDD I'm very picky with duck meat, the only duck-related food that I eat is from Ghim Moh FC, this is the second one, at Compass Point FC! Amazing! 



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