Friday, December 3, 2010

Unite we will

Mum and I chiong finished the 32episodes of "Can't Buy Me Love" today! HAHA! If you seriously need some laughter or entertainment, this drama is quite good! Totally just for a laugh!:D Time to move on to my playful kiss~ At episode 3 now! I also wanna watch Dr Who, How I met your mother, Gossip girls and all the movies that I missed out! :X 5 WEEKS NOT ENOUGH NOT ENOUGH! :/

I WANT TO WORK TOO! JOBS OPPORTUNITIES COME TO MAMA! :D But daddy and mummy don't want me to work, they rather I spend the time to rest and take care of myself. :/ Hmm.. cannot leh, I need some inputs to balance my outputs! LOL!

Guess what is this? I don't rmb the name, but it's one that heats up the acupuncture point! 

Tada~ I've never expected that what I've learned in CMH will actually be practical on me! Seeing the machine is like so familiar for me. HAHA! 

Since Mum and I were in Yishun, of course have to grab the chance to have our favourite food! haha! Ntg special, just a very ordinal vegetarian stall. But it managed to grab our taste buds! Not only do they serve wide varieties of side-dishes, they have the BEST BEE HOON that mum and I have never tasted! Yes, we totally fall in love with their fried bee hoon! A plate of humble looking yet tasted supreme vegetarian bee hoon! Unlike normal ones, theirs is fried with 'special spices' some sort of family secret that you can never find elsewhere! Most importantly their food is always served warm! That's why mum and I would always come to them when we drop by Yishun! <3 


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