Saturday, December 4, 2010

Beauty & The Beast

I was searching for "Sleeping Beauty"! But couldn't find it. D: Beauty & The Beast is good though. :)
- Disney Princesses grew up with me -

Went to NEX today! The place is huge and PACKED like crazy! So many people! Everyone is like coming to Serangoon for the new mall. haha! Unlike other neighbourhood malls, NEX has lots of merchandises that are found normally in town. Like Paradise Inn, Putien, Isetan and etc. Do you know that 1/3 of the mall is occupied by food & beverages? haha! Singaporean loves to eat!:D YES! Just looking at the eateries make me wanna go back everyday! OH! They have TEXAS CHICKEN! I'm going there again on Monday to try! So exciting~ LOL!
Can't resist and bought a piece of jollipancake today:D OMG! I think the outlet at NEX is my new favourite now! The pancake itself is so loveable! <3 HAHA!

NEX, my new hangout place. :)

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