Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What we want


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Isn't this so so so pretty~ =)

Sometimes I feel that Singapore is just too small, too boring? Hmm.. I want to travel, I want to see the World with my own eyes and not from a small box.

So many places that I want to see with my own eyes! Sometimes I really envy Cherina. At least she has the gut and determination to do what she wants and look where she is now? Flying around the World.

I mean so what if I have a Bachelor Certificate? It's what the society wants, is it really what I want? I don't want to waste my life away by chasing after things that others want me to have and not really what I want. I want a job that I love and enjoy  doing and not merely to work for money.

I'm not a literature person, but I deeply remember this phase:

find a job you enjoy doing and you will not have to work a day in your life. - Confucius.

Again, if only life is this simple.


i want her HAIR ;__;

Just some random thoughts. :D

Cut & Pasted from Xiaxue!

Female blogger dilemma

If you are anonymous - you must be a fat ugly loser in real life.

If you show your identity and you look ugly - You should do plastic surgery.

If you show your identity and you already did plastic surgery - you are fake and disgusting.

If you are au-natural and pretty - you are still fake coz you put make-up, or must photoshop your pictures.

If you are pretty and don't put make up - it's because you don't know how. Also, you look boring and pale.

If you are pretty and put make up - you are superficial, insecure and shallow. Go save a whale.

If you get popular - you are a famewhore.

If you don't get popular - you are a nobody.

If you get popular and earn money from being popular - you are a sell-out.

If you get popular but don't earn money - you are stupid, and also, who you think you are, so bloody high and mighty?

If you are single and not dating - something's wrong with you.

If you are single and dating - you are a slut.

If you are attached - your boyfriend is either ugly or too good for you.

If you are married - you are a boring housewife.

If you are married with kids - why the fuck are you blogging when you should be looking after your kids? You are a shit mom.

If your partner is rich - you are a gold-digger.

If your partner is poor - you are a unrealistic romantic and if you break up with him for someone who works later on, you are a gold-digger.

If your partner is nice - Don't know what he sees in you.

If your partner is a jerk - You are a moron for dating him in the first place but you deserve no better anyway.

If you keep your life private - you have something to hide and you are a liar.

If you don't keep your life private and your life is sad - What a loser.

If you don't keep your life private and your life is fab - What a show off.

If you don't speak your mind - you are stupid, apathetic and unopinionated.

If you speak your mind - you are ignorant and talking about things you don't know about. You should shut up.

If you are fat - that's the only thing you are. That and disgusting.

If you are skinny - You must be anexoric or bulimic. Also you are making other women feel fat and thus spreading unhealthy weight ideals.

If you are of average weight - You are fat.

If you don't respond to haters - Means what they said must be true and you have nothing to say.

If you respond nicely to haters - They will just have more ammunition and hate you more.

If you respond rudely to haters - You cannot take criticism and you are a cyberbully.

Overall... You just can't win!!


LOL! Quite true and entertaining isn't it? Can't stop laughing! HAHAHAHA! :D


(by Keely)

So what do you most desire?

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