Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cursed? Superstitious? Maybe..

Whoa! A lot of things have happened these 2 days! Goodness! I always know that my family background ( include relatives) is very very complicated/messy/retarded. LOL! But I wasn't aware that it is THIS complicated. :/ I think it gonna be more interesting than 爱. Serious. Shall not spell it out here, but if you are interested in another version of my '爱' you can ask me. LOL!

I didn't know mummy went through so much things alone
I didn't know you were so evil yet you told me you missed us
I didn't know grandma was so noble, love her for that :)
I didn't know family ties meant so little to you

The root of all troubles; money and jealousy.

May there be peace! :)


Had our Sport Committee 09/10 dinner finally! Though only half of the strength turned up. :X But few people has its advantage too! Easier for bonding! Yes! Had a great time with them! =)

The girls

The guys + Clarence who was late

We were at Nana Thai Restaurant @ Far East Plaza. Ally was there for a reason, to dig a hole of out Jacq. :X Haha! Maybe it's good for her that only half of the comm came. Imagine the whole comm was there with big eaters like cindy and rann. Oops:X HAHA!

All the food that we ordered were medium size.

Pineapple rice

If you order the smaller version, it's served from a pineapple! Very cute! HAHA! Pineapple rice is always my favourite~ This is not bad! But I find it slightly over oily.

Tom Yam Soup

I vote this as the best dish of the day! Trust me, it is very HOT & SPICY! But very shiok! :D

Hotplate Tofu

A very normal zhicha dish, nothing fanciful.

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Yes, I requested for this. Hehe! Of course I love it! Cox it's sweet & sour chicken! LOL! Yes, this is a very bias statement. :X

Hotplate Black Pepper Beef

I quite like this dish too cox I have something for black pepper too. HAHA! The beef was thinly sliced so that you can taste the juicy fats melting in your mouth. NICE!

Beef Kway Teow

I don't really like this. First, the beef was too big piece and thick. I don't enjoy chewing large piece of meat. :/ Second, the chef spammed oil on it. >.<

Pandan Chicken

Another dish that I recommend! At last something that is not so common! The chicken absorbs the fragrance of the pandan leaf which make it smells good and tasted very better! Eat it without the mayonnaise! Side note, very oily. :/

Green Curry Chicken

Most of them didn't enjoy this soup, but I quite like it! Heard of green curry but have never tried, actually I think no much different from the usual curry. Except it is less spicy and less of the coconut milk fragrance which I totally dislike. :) Blame them for serving this the last when we were so full from the previous dishes. :X


MOH says we should we at least 2 servings of vegetables per day! Here we are! A balanced diet! :D

In summary: Definitely more of zhicha than thai. I'm sure there are better zhicha out there to beat Nana hands and legs down! But, it's the company that matters! :)

Sports Committee 09/10, I'll miss you! <3


Out with family at Bugis for family bonding~ :D Then this lady came up to me and gave me a namecard, a model agency. To my surprise of course and she started promoting her agency refusing to let me off.. SOOOO... MY DAD DID A VERY COOL THING! He teared the namecard infront of the lady! WA SO MAN! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Love my dad! =)

I ate 5 redbean jollipancakes just this week alone, I gonna die of suagr rush! :X I'm thinking of making my own pancake at all.. hmm.. thinking. HAHA!

Have been going to either Bugis or NEX every single day for this week! Meaning the hole in my pocket is getting bigger! D:

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