Sunday, January 30, 2011

Live to eat

The weather is like super COLD! :O

Have been raining since ytd Noon! OMG! There is so much water to pour? :/

Ytd went out to Bugis again! Damn sway, shopped half way den rained. :( 

Lunched at Albert Food Complex! Such an awesome place! Why didn't I go there earlier! Haha! 

This place is freaking big and filled with people and nice nice yummy yumm food! Haha! I had a hard time choosing what to eat! :X Damn the word 'LIMIT'!

If only I could order everything! :< 

Seriously, I like this kinda of old hawkers! These are places where real, original good food can be found! :)

滷肉飯 set

I Didn't order this! The auntie gave me the wrong order! I ordered 'Kway Chap' Set instead! T.T Didn't want to cost trouble to the old lady, so I took it anyway.  My kway chap~ Turn out the meat was rather tasty, soft and juicy :D But more than half the rice untouched. :X 

Since lunch was rather early and didn't touch much of the rice, I got hungry fast. :X So we went back for afternoon tea~ :D

Chicken Congee

Whoohoo~ What more to ask for when you can have a bowl of hot congee on a rainy day? Simple Delight! :D The famous 丽芳粥品! The queue was so long even at 3pm! :/ Surprised by the small serving. :/ Luckily I didn't buy it as lunch! Haha! Congee was indeed smooth and the youtiao is super crispy!!! But I still prefer my 欣美粥品 from AMK! 



(I'm being called a weirdo cox I can finish a bowl of congee but not rice. :/) 


Went Chinatown with Daddy after tuition today. Super crowded though it was raining (still raining).

Taiwan Mochi and Jellies

Bought 2kg of them again! Hoho! Why does it look so little in the pic? :/ 


Steaming hot - Super big PAU

Each of us bought a Pau as snack, 中国大包. Really big! Bigger than my palm! :O Had to queue really long because it's freshly made on the spot and we were 'sway' that the tray of PAU got sold out before us. 

I will only queue for food. :D 

For such a big pau, it's only $1.80! So worth the money cox the dough is super QQ~ Highly recommended! 


BUT IT WAS JUST TOO GOOD~ So juicy and Q! <3 

Can never learn my lesson, my mouth shall always remind burned. LOL! 



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