Monday, January 31, 2011

One year old!

No matter what, I have to blog today! Cox it's my dear blog's..........................


 I've been diligently blogging for a year! This breaks The Guinness Lirong Record. LOL!

I started blogging with the intention of food sharing, a place to vent my anger and self-entertainment (talk to myself :X) and also to laugh at myself years down the road when I read my own posts again. HAHAHA! (OMG THAT WAS LIRONG N YEARS BACK! WAS I SO DUMB?! OOPS! HAHAHAHA!)

Basically to share the memories. :)

Anyways it's still gonna be about FOOD! LALALA~

I'm currently conducting a self-experiment.

Aim: To investigate if Lirong's digestive system is really that screwed up that no nutrients can be absorbed however much she eats.

Introduction: I have seen 5 different physicians since August last year and each of them claims my spleen to be  totally useless, hence the weigh lose on and on. It's an alarm now that I seriously need to put on some weight to put the kg back to 4X and not 3X. That bad, ya. :(

Procedure: Eat and eat during this festive period.

Result: Pending

Discussion: Pending

Conclusion: Pending

Let's see if I put on some weight after CNY! ^^

The experiment has already started since last week, no news yet. :/


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  1. oh dear! your weight has gone to 3X?? :O :O so scary! eh really must take care lirong! hope you gain weight! no should be, take care lirong's spleen! hahaha