Friday, January 28, 2011

Shopping season


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Chinese New Year is like next week! Yay! I don't know why I'm so excited about CNY this year. LOL! Maybe I just want the long break? Away from school, the notes and of course away from DEADLINES.

Yea, after CNY will be the start of week. Meanwhile, enjoy! :D

CNY goodies are piling at home! Wheeeee~ That day the cousin came my house and was surprised that we have already started munching on our new year goodies. LOL! I'm so loving almond cookies at the moment! :) WHeeeeeeeee~ <3 


Also, CNY can't go without new year clothes! hooray! This whole week I have been like visiting Bugis like crazy with different groups of people. Haha! And I'm going again tml. >.< Never failed to walk out of Bugis Street with some bags, just so cheap! :P

Charles and Keith's having 50% sales too~ Bought 2 heels. :X My mum and I have the same weakness, just tell us it's on sale and we won't fail to buy it. :/ So I officially have 18 dresses, when I barely wears them. :X


Just finished Lady Castle and another China series, 大清后宫 with mummy! In the process of Gossip Girl Season 4 and My Princess and starting another series with mummy again. Oops! I need to start mugging! :/ 

Next week gonna go school for a short day and that's it for me! 


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