Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mission accomplished

I lived up to my words! I did complete 1 out of my 3 lab reports tonight! :) Though it has already way passed 12 midnight. :X Nevermind! At least I have done it! *phew~ Now I can finally enjoy my weekend! Haha! Gonna be at CCK in 10 hours time for FLAG CNY CUM VALENTINE GATHERING! And Sunday is going to be GAMBIT'S TURN! Whoohoo! Luckily I have a long weekend, should study for CA on monday! :) 

While doing lab report:

Because lunch I only ate bread, so went super hungry in the afternoon! :/ Luckily I was smart to drink a lot of water! If not there goes my voice! Haha! :D

Brother bought it for me leh! Sweet right?! Actually I'm damn full from the rochers, but I just can't stand jollipancake being left untouced infront of my face! LOL! My mum was damn happy that I was eating so much. -.- She jokily says that she gonna buy jollipancake for me everyday to make me fat! Muhahaha! Actually I dont mind! :X 

I was even thinking of buying jollibean for potluck later, will they kill me? :/ LOL! 

The food prepared for 'bai tian gong'

Smells and tasted as good, CHICKEN SOUP

Stewed fish

Braised Duck and pork

Stir-fried vegetable

Still got a lot of leftovers in the fridge. :/ I feel so pregnant after dinner. LOL! Didn't touch the duck meat at all, I TOTALLY CANNOT SURVIVE THE SMELL OF DUCK MEAT. Almost died when mum was cooking the duck. *vomit*

Ok, I should sleep soon! Should I set alarm? Been reminding Hidaya to wake up early tml, sikali I'm the one that couldn't wake up! 

Oopssssss. :P

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