Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feel this way

In a few minutes time, it gonna be the ninth day of Lunar New Year. Also known as the 'birthday of heaven/earth/god' not very sure of the name. But my mum calls it '拜天公'.

I rmb when I was younger, I always like to '拜天公' with my parents! Always asking them which date are we doing the 拜拜. Haha! Not that I'm very religious. :X but because I get to stay up late! Lol! You know as kid you tend not to want to sleep early. :P And now it has become a habit to stay up and help the parents. :)

Seriously it's a lot of work involved! Just look at the food! All prepared by my mum. One thing I'm afraid of this is the aftermath, clearing of the chicken, pork, fish and especially duck! I hate duck meat! :/

So why am I writing about this? Haha! No idea, I just feel sick of typing my lab report. :X lol! Ok, it's 12am! 拜天公~

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