Friday, February 18, 2011

Words that weigh

Yippee~ Recess week is finally here! :D Have been looking forward to it since post-CNY celebration! :)

But.. I wanna say something, which I think a lot of people will throw shoes at me! :X






Say that I'm crazy or what. :P Though waking at for 8am is really a pain, Tues and Fri are my favorite school days!

Yaya, I know 6hrs of endless lectures, no lunch break, butt hurts like mad.. etc. I still love these 2 school days the most! I feel learn the most out of it.

Ok, I know I'm being very geek here. LOL! But GEM2900 is really very nice kay! Though I predict the bell curve gonna be steep like hell. :/

A little updates on life. 

13/02, Sun

Pre-Valentine~ Spent it with my beloved GAMBITS! <3 We had CNY gathering @ Gantie's place. No photos, cox must make use of Paula's Donghae! Haha! :D

Seriously, I think kindness can be inherited, it's inside the chromosomes! Look at Gantie's family and you will know why! Gantie is so NICE becox he inherited both the kindness-genes from his parents! If only the World has more of 'johnson-family' kind of people peace would be so easily attained! :)

Gambling away

Anyway had a supreme night! 

Everytime I look at Gambit, I can't help but feel thankful to god. Yes, thank you for bringing us together, thank you for curing my fever in time if not I wouldn't have such lovely people in my life. :) 

THANK YOU TO WHOEVER YOU ARE! Much appreciations! :) 


16/02, Wed

Met the girls in town after my CA! Our plan was almost screwed by lovely pet. LOL! But it's ok, we still sayang you! Just keep bringing entertainment to us! Hehehehe!!! :P

Lunch-ed at The Soup Spoon. 

Darlings. <3 

Roasted pumpkin set w Asian tofu salad

Exactly the same set that I ordered last year. Still tasted so brilliant~~~ OMG! Hahahaha! 

Usually I don't order salad outside, I mean like so waste of money right? But this Asian Tofu totally wins my heart! Try it! 

Definitely will be back! :D

After a wonderful and fullish meal we went for the highlight of our date!

4/5 stars

OMG! You have to watch ok? It's actually not that creepy la, (although Juyin covered her face for almost the entire movie) I'm more impressed by Portman's portray of Nina. Towards the end I can totally feel the black swan coming out of her! She so deserved the 'Best Actress Award'!

 My current favourite movie! LOL!

Food to share:

Huat Kueh

I'm a crazy carbohydrate (flour)-lover!!!! No problem for me to staff these 2 kuehs all at once into my stomach! Hehe! NICEEEEE~

American waffles is still best eaten with ice-cream

Butter prawns

Valentine dinner w family. :)

Sweet & sour prawns

Claypot Fish-head

Hongkong style Congee - Mushroom, tofu, scallop, cabbage, raddish, peanut, cuttlefish and sliced fish. 

How not to love this? ^^

Seriously I don't mind quitting school and married someone now, housewife seen to be an ideal future for me! LOL! 

Btw, got back my medical checkup report which I did a month ago. Quite surprising results. :X Having another hormones checkup next friday. 

Clarification: I'm not sick, just routine check ups! :)

*noticed the about me tab? I guess the first item I can add there is 'long-winded'. You think so too? 


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