Thursday, March 3, 2011

Found the threshold

It's usual for me to actually LIKE lab session. But I really enjoyed my SSA2215! I know I know, it isn't the usual lab, it's geography mainly. Haha! Plus working and joking with the girls is so damn fun! :D We were like 'huh?! 3.30pm already?!' LOL! Time flies when you are being productive and enjoying yourself. :) 

A doctor hurt my feeling by saying ' XXkg, goodness! You are disgusting underweight!' OUCH! :< So insensitive right? :( :( :( But I forgave her since she's kinda nice. :) 

Dinner date at NEX, had ample time so went to Watsons for their member special. What a mistake made! Queued a while before heading in, queued AN HOUR to pay my buys. T.T At least I finally got my cosmetics replenished. =) And extra points earned from my birthday month~ wheeeee~ <3

But ended up, I was almost an hour late for dinner. :X Super super super ultra HUNGRY!!! :< 

So I realized where is my threshold today. :/ No a problem for me to withstand pain/burn/hotness etc, BUT I'm a goner when come to starving. :/

So there goes, everyone have their own weaknesses. 

chew on it

I feel like murdering myself! Every time I think of the upcoming LSM2102 CA, I starts to panic like shitStress mode totally on and am pressurized like mad! Because I understand nuts from LBC and have yet to pick up anything for the other lecturer! :< 

It's like a cascade or something, I start to think of my other modules also, which I HAVE YET TO TOUCH TOO!

Panic like shit again X 1000000000000000000000000 

But! The thing is I only panic and does nothing about it! T.T After a while, I'm back to the normal, slacker me. Continue to waste time, like now! Then the panicking and procrastinating cycle again. =.= 

Someone kill me please.

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