Sunday, March 6, 2011

Can you differentiate between having a dream and living in a dream?

The other day I had a mother asking this to her little son. 'Can you differentiate between having a dream and living in a dream?' Good question, how many can actually separate them clearly? 

They say it's unhealthy to have dreams, we need to be down-to-earth and be realistic. But they also say it's dreams that make great people. 

I think it's all about relativity


Another 21st party comes and goes. This time round was Sheryl aka Sleeping God's 21st! 

In 2 weeks time will be mine! Eh.. quite exciting~ LOL! I need to think of my wishlist! People have been asking about it, but honestly I never really thought of it. :/ Polaroid? Everyone is like asking for it. But I don't think I will actually use it. Haha! If I ask for just CAP5.0 will my wish be granted? :D Lirong dream on.

fine fine fine... :( 

Love her mafia themed party~ 

Even the cake was so mafia-ish! HAHA. :D


i really love 4E1'06 lots. 

I'm not a person that is good with words, but I really want to thank god now. Thank you for everything. Thank god for giving me the chance to complain/rant/fuss/fail etc. Good or bad experiences, I thank you all. For there are people who don't even have the chance to go through all these! 

I think as I ages, I'm becoming not just more religious but also.. overly optimistic. I shall see it as a good thing. =)

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