Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Impossible not.

Just completed a 3 pages essay on Landslides with Juyin and Hidaya when we had zero knowledge on geography. The level of satisfactory is beyond words. :)

Caught the movie first before starting on the project. A good one I guess, but a lot of the scenes reminded me of Twilight! :X Oh well, same director ma! LOL! I kinda think that the director shot 'Peter' with a little of 'Edward' feel in it. At least I felt so. 

It's really a bad idea to work on an essay right after a movie! At least for us! We were totally exhausted!:X  But we pulled through and finally finished the essay by 6pm! Whoohoo! Feel so accomplished! YAY! So glad to be working with the girls~ <3 

Our happy faces after the project~ 

And it's dinner time~ 

I'm psyching the 2 girls to have 21st parties! :D

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