Monday, March 21, 2011

Marking the end; welcoming the fresh


Love how artistic this photo looks! 

The supposed bday party with partial wedding feel! Haha! Inside joke with my ‘姐妹’ of the 'wedding' LOL! 

Thanks loves! :)

All of them have flowery clips to match my garden theme! So touch! Even Geraldine too! Hehe! Super cute! :P 

Thanks girls for the decor! 

Wasn't for them, I prolly died on the spot. :') In the end my many many balloons couldn't even make it. =.= What a waste of my parents' efforts! :< The sculpture balloons by brother also didnt really put to good use. :X I was too busy/tired to care. Oops Oops! :X  

Da Jie and family~

Super gan dong by Dajie er jie and cui hua!!! They couldn't make it for the party at night so they came way earlier just to wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So gan dong~ My bad that I didn't have time to entertain them. Caught up with the decors! :(

Jayan is really super cute! 2mths+ only~~








FAMILY!!! <3

Behind the scenes - My hero and heroine! 

Thanks JW for making the snacks for us! :D

Cousin Jeff aka cameraman for being so supportive! :)

My brother! You rock! 

Thanks so much so much so much! Jie Jie so touched! :') I promise I will not bully u lesser now. :X
He's really superman of the day+night! <3 <3 <3 

Of cox the wondergirls~~~~


Geraldine!!! She has phobia for balloons! Yet she helped me to put up all the balloons around! :')

Qiu Jing!!! Thanks so much for always always being around! She's really like a guardian angel! When you need her, she's always there. :')

Hidaya!!! Do I need to mention more? :D I'm really amazed by how our frdship works!:D Hehe! I love u pet! <3 and I know little hidaya is scare of balloons too! :') 

Juyin!!! Xin Ku ni le! Cox you were having a flu, yet you came down earlier to help too!!! :')

Paula!!! Thanks you thank you! Not just the decor but also for being the camerawoman and for sweeping the floor too! :') 

Twinnie!!! Thank you for helping me to design and put up the balloons!!! :') and also for buying more films for me though I didn't really use in the end. :X 

Ok la, and Fatty + Alvin for the final banner. LOL!

Super appreciate them! <3 



Daddy and Mummy!

Of course the 2 most important ones of my life! Without them there wouldn't be any 21st party! I have a pair of super supportive parents! You know it's really not easy for me to come up with this party. First it's the venue thing, couldn't get anywhere cox of this March Holiday thing! :< It was mum's suggestion to get the hall. :) 

Then comes the table and chair problems, the carter didn't have enough of them for me! :< So daddy had to activate this circle of friends just to get me the tables and even bought chairs ourselves just to make sure all my friends get a seat. :') 

I can enjoy myself to the max the whole night if not for my parents and brother, who did the many things behind for me! and ah ma too! :')

After the party Daddy was still saying 'Aiya! I should have done this, It will be better if I have done that..' It's all 'I should' (referring to him) and not 'You should' (referring to me)

A father's unconditional love just to make sure that his daughter has the best of everything. :') 

Ok, I'm getting emotional again. :/ 

In short! 



Loves from:
Cherina, bf, Jeff, Stacy, Huizhen, Peiying, Brenda, Ahma, Cassandra, ginny, GAMBITS, Chee How and Edward! 


Sec sch dears, YJC dears, Zi Han, Huizhen, Peiying, Brenda, Ahma, Gorgon, Weicun and Heng Qian!


Ah ma, Da Jiu, Xiao Jiu, Da Jie and family, Er Jie and family, Cui Hua, JW, MeiHong, Meiling, Chuan Qiang, Chuan Hong, Katana and Gorgon!


Every cards I read with appreciations! 

Thanks Pamela, Ginny, Casssandra, Chee How, Avon, YJC dears, Gorgon, Katana and Gambit!

Thanks Cassandra and Paula for giving me the film! 

Birthday is not just a day for celebration, it is also a day to be thankful of the kind and sweet people around.

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