Monday, March 28, 2011

Never the same yet not that different either

In the midst of mugging for up coming CA2. Actually I like 2101 a lot! At least it makes mugging NOT SO boring after all. :/ 

Little updates. 

1. Most important one! My body age is 18! MUHAHAHAHA! Damn proud! :P 

It was a little test conducted by the pharmacy department la, based on the body's fat and muscle buildup. I'm so healthy! :pPp

2. Went to support Hidaya and Paula's Saman Dance on Fri! :D

The dance that caused muscles aches to them. :X 

Good job girls! :)

3. I was teaching my tutee the other day and her dog kinda hopped onto my lap while I was trying to get logarithm across her. I was kinda freaked out you know you know?! But have to maintain calmness. =.= 'Wah your dog very hyper eh?' That was all I could said. Ok, random max! haha! 

4. Gambit's Feb cum March Birthday Celebration

In the end only the march babies turned up. =.= The bad bad bad Feb guys all PS in the end! :< DAMN BAD! But we had our revenge by 'hanging' them! HAHAHAHA! :D

Dinner was at Fermentle Seafood Market, Clarke Quay. 

We chose the Alfresco siting which is kinda romantic for couples! Cox the Central is just beside, imagine the sea river breeze~ 

Grilled King Salmon (50% done), freshly imported from NEW ZEALAND, $24

Love my dinner to the max~ There were 2 pieces, the other was better cox the salmon seriously melts in the mouth~ nom nom max! Hehe! Great to have fresh food~ 

Happy Birthday to us~

A bottle of evian costed us $9 and we had 4. :/


After dinner went Haagen Dazs to chit-chat and dessert~ 

It was also a night when we discovered something big! The feeling of everyone knowing it yet you are kept in the dark truly wasn't a very good experience. :/ 

Conclusion: Never trust easily, especially the guys. 

PS: Mum saw the flower from Twinnie and keep insisting that I'm dating behind her back. =.= Even Ah Ma also happily come into the picture and 'pest' me for the boyfriend's photo. LOL! RON WHERE ARE YOU?! 


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