Thursday, April 28, 2011

Be responsible

Five years ago, I was young then and ignorance. Five years later, I matured. People of my generation matured. I think it's time to stop being indifferent about many things. One of it is of course SG ELECTION LA! LOL! Though I still can't cast my vote. :X

Thanks to TWITTER. I have never been so concern or informed on the politics. Actually I know no politics, its too complicated for my World. All I know is I want PAP. :P Gonna be a tough fight, but.. GOGOGO PAP! LOL! Nah~ I'm not being paid by PAP!

I guess ultimately PAP still gonna run the office, but with how many seats is the problem. :/ So exciting~ But I'm gonna miss the polling day! 

But never mind la. HAHA! 

ps: The next when I can finally vote, I'll be in my mid-20s. T.T

I love this picture. Cox it totally illustrate how my day was like earlier on. 

12pm: waiting for 95

12.20pm: 95 still no where insight

12.35pm: finally reached school, exam at 1pm but MUST HAVE LUNCH!

12.53pm: reached MPSH, I DON'T KNOW THE EXAM HALL!

12.57pm: Saw a lot of ATs at one of the halls, ok! MUST BE MY VENUE! yay! It is! :D

*cold sweat*

Start paper and feel like....... giving up~ 

Sian.. No wonder people say don't take GEM2900 during sem2. It was a killer! D:


Ok, thanks for coming. Lirong needs to make dinner now~ BYE! 

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