Monday, May 2, 2011

The family that eats

Had an advance MOTHERS' DAY CELEBRATION! Cox I can't make it next Sunday, feel bad. D:

So I tried to make up for mummy~ ^^

Treated the family to HOTPOT CULTURE for dinner! Yay! :D

Damn shiok! Steamboat + Ala carte (tze cha) + Chocolate fondue! 100++ items! Whoohoo!

PS: We were the only table having the ala carte buffet. :X The others were like either having standard meal/steamboat buffet only. The waitress even confirmed with us THRICE to make sure that we wanted ala carte buffet! LOL! I guess she must be shocked. :P

Each of us had a small mini pot, so we had chicken, hot&spicy, fish and herbal to share! We agreed that the chicken broth was the best!

A total of 47 side dishes for us to order! Guess how many did we order? EVERYTHING OF COX! Madness! Yes! haha! 3 of my favourite dishes~ SWEET&SOUR PORK + SPICY BLACK PEPPER PORK + DEEP FRIED ROJAK TOFU! Many of the dishes we ordered twice somemore. :X My mummy is a prawn-addict. She ate no less than 50 prawns tonight. =.= I worry for her cholesterol level. :/

PS: MY FACE LIKE DAMN ROUND! *sign of eating too much* :X

Really good deal~ Side dishes ranged from CHICKEN to PORK to FISH to PRAWNS to SOTONG to VEGE to FINGERFOOD. Even better than the Tze Char stalls out there! Plus the quality was not bad too!


Finally we had our Chocolate fondue~ Super full! But there is definitely space for dessert. :p

At first mummy was reluctant to try the fondue, she thought it was 'eeyer' But soon she-fell-in-love-with-it~ LOL! How can anyone not love chocolate?! We had an hour of fondue session. Hehe! SHIOK TO THE MAX! :D While my brother was the ice-cream killer. 7 scoops of ice cream?! O.o 

Where did Daddy go to? Oh well, he escaped after we ate for 3hrs? Cox he said he felt 'paiseh' that we were eating so much. =.= Daddy said Hotpot gonna go bankrupt if everyone eats like us. :X Aiya, daddy has a thin skin. Come on! There is nothing shy about eating much! We paid for it you know.  So he went to shop alone while the 3 of us continued feasting. WHAT A WASTE RIGHT?! LOL!

Brother said we should come here once a month. YA RIGHT! It's my pocket that he's digging of cox he said that! LOL!

4hours to dine. Cannot be eating 4 hours straight right? Of course camwhored a bit. HOHO!

So love polaroid! :D

Quality food, quality service, quality time, quality money, QUALITY FAMILY! <3 

Glad mummy said she loves the little celebration~ ^^ Boy boy and I bought her a banquet of flower too!  I WAS THE ONE CARRYING AROUND AND IT WAS DAMN SUPER EMBARRASSING! Super awkward to have people showing too much attention on you. :X 

Oh! I still have a present not given to her yet! Hehe! Surprise surprise! Gonna give her on the actual day! How am I gonna present to her? Stay tune~ LOL! 

Question for the night: We shall we head to for FATHERS' DAY? hahahaha!

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