Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This or that?

I realized Im kinda a person when like sth right, i will forever stick to that one thing. Like eating BAN MIAN almost everyday or HOR FUN and now the YONG TAU FOO love. Oh! Of cox my love my jollibean, pumpkin etc. too! ^^ It's always me having the same thing repeatedly and NEVER getting sick of it!:X

Like every morning, I always have to struggle over cereal or oatmeal for breakfast!:/ LOL! Wish I could have both la! But I only have a stomach! :C

So does that makes me a very devoted person?:D Hehe! Cox I'm always having the same items over and over again? :D Or I should say I'm not even devoted at all, cox there are more than one fav? Oops!:X

Ok, maybe this applies to my feeding habits only. *shrugs* Oh well, just random thoughts while I'm trying to understand my statistics.

IM SO EASILY DISTRACTED!!!!! Hahahahaha!!!

Hey you! I watching you! LOL! :p

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