Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sakae Sushi feast

We decided to have buffet the night before. 

Love unplanned thingy like this, life should be lived this way!  ^^ Just do whatever you want! 

My nth time to Sakae out of my 21 years of life but 1st time after more than a year. So you see I'm not really a Sakae fan, feels that their menu is too limited. :X

We were like the only customers at 12pm. LOL!

Anyway throughout our stay I think there were like 5 different groups of customer at most? A really quiet place. But it was good for us! Haha! Our food was delivered fast and the waiters can have their full attentions to serve us. Most importantly we feel really comfortable to have the huge place all ours! :D


Brownie Ice cream (I think it's pretty thus posted. :P)

I took a lot of food photos, but none of them was my favourite POTATO SALAD SUSHI! D: I had like 16 pieces of them in my stomach. LOL! I'm a carbo-sucker I know. :P So I go to suki for their mochi and now I don't mind sakae for their potato! WHEEEEEE~ *hearinga lot of 'got so nice meh?! voices* LOL! 

Buffet simply rox my life! ^^
 How I wish I can eat unlimitedly for the rest of my life and remain slim. :X

Love these girls much. <3 

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