Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Welcome the mugging season

I sense the time to do a little bit of updates. LOL! I'm too busy mugging! Haha! I so wish! :X

1. Impulsively bought a Polaroid!


Hahaha! Ya, I did say that I don't wanna have one as present since I wouldn't be using it much also. :X But I think it's like so cool!!!!  HAHAHAHA! So bought one and stored at home. LOL! 

Taken 4 so far~ My dad super cute! Keep asking me how this thing works. I think he is impressed. HAHA!

2. Dinner gathering at cousin's place. 

Sigh.. the last dinner together with my Ah Ma. :< Seriously I loathe those adults so much much much! Rarhs! I'm a strong believer of karma.
Sigh.. Feel so sad for Ah Ma. :'( 

ML prepared these dishes for the 10 of us! She like spent the whole afternoon in the kitchen! Didn't know she cooks well too! HAHA! 

From the dinner we can really conclude that the Sun's guy all CMI in eating! So tiny stomaches! Somehow the huge stomach genes all goes to the girls! LOL! 

Baby Jayen~

CUTE OR WHAT?! Jayen is a perfect material for the acting industry. One minute he will suddenly 'gek' his face like he gonna cry, with the tears all ready to roll but the next moment he will be smiling happily! So naughty right?! Super fast facial changes! HAHA! But super cuteeeeeeeeee~ 

I wanna have a baby like Jayen too~ So cute! Actually all babies are cute la! :X Hehe! I think if I'm a mum, I wont want my BB to grow up! I want them to stay small and cute forever! Haha! Don't wanna due with juvenile delinquency! LOL! Ok, I know it's a very childish statement. :X 

3. Semester ends today for me officially! No more lectures~ Yay! Meaning, time to hit the books! T.T 

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