Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bread and more bread

I was trapped in the kitchen for half a day because I wanted to try making some bread. Ok, I didn't expect bread-making to be so tedious~ Usually I can bake a cake in less than an hour! But baking a bread took me 3hours! :O

Let the picture do the talking :)

3 hours to prepare 5 breads. >.< So time consuming because 2 provings needed and it's an hour each~ You can see that I ran out of patient for the bread on the right, so I merely rolled it. LOL! 

Long ones are red bean fillings with white sesame seed. Round one is crabstick specially made for myself! :P My brother thought these were bought from bakery! hohoho! The bread was soft and supple! Yay! Have to man! 3 hours of labour! :X 

Mummy say I make bread better than cake. :X Actually I think so too! hahaha! Bread baking is idiot proved! Only that it is damn tedious! :< While to bake a cake requires more skills! Especially the whisking part which I ALWAYS FAIL~ T.T 

Egg sponge cake

Finally I baked one cake that turned out to be expected and not something else! LOL! Ok, I need more practices!

My mummy is damn greedy! Last night she cooked so much noodles for dinner!!! Picture to prove! Bound to have leftovers and became my lunch for today. Stir-fried it with a new bottle of sambal chilli. The photo looks very harmless right? WRONG MAN! Bloodly HOT HOT HOT! Nando's should use this brand of chilli instead. LOL! 

Dinner was on me tonight! Braised pork belly and a simple double-boiled soup! ^^

Thinking of what to bake tml...... :P 

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