Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's keeping me busy

I'm addicted to baking breads. :X

This batch was done yesterday. I made 2 types! Long ones are Bak Kwa fillings while round ones are raisins.  Satisfied! Softy~ This batch is more yellowish cox I brushed more egg yolk on the surface. 

This is from today! Didn't plan to bake today cox I was out shopping~ (collected my pay today! :P) But hands were itchy when I got home so I took out my baking tools! Hehe! :D  Less egg yolk today cox bro say less is better, though I can't really tell the different. :X Made 2 raisins buns, 2 peanut buns and 2 hotdog buns requested by brother! Today's bread was the best batch amongst my previous 3 bakes cox I found a really good recipe online! Ok, I shall follow this recipe from now onwards! :D
My third batch of breads! :D (Taken with instagram)

I've never gone hungry ever since I started baking. Especially bread! Once it's done, I can't resist to have one, at least. :X I love freshly baked breads! The smell of yeast is so so so strong~ and the bread is still hot plus the taste is crispy on the outer and soft in the inner! But after it cools down the bread has got another different aroma to offer. It becomes softer and sweeter. So, it depends on your preference. I love them all! :D 

I'm gonna challenge a cake bread this weekend! 
Something like this, kinda common is bakery. Oh! and pray for me that I wish a X-box this weekend ok? If I do win, I'll invite you to my house to play and serve you my breads/cakes! hahahaha!!! Gambatte!!! 

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