Monday, May 16, 2011

Party in Malaysia

Finally found some time to update on my Malaysia trip with GAMBITS! Really enjoyed the trip with them all! Here we go!

DAY 0:
Our flight was as 630am in the morning, thus need to check in really early. So the girls came over to my house for stayover! Girls' only night was great!

The silly things that we did while waiting for Paula to arrive!

Suppose to sleep like 11pm? End up like 12am+ den sleep and have to woke up at 4am! :O Though I'll be super tired! Surprising I wasn't! Guess it was the adrenaline that was keeping me going.

DAY 1:
Cabbed down to budget terminal to meet up with the guys~

On the plane~

At Malaysia~ Took a bus to KL central!

Took train next to finally reach our hotel! ^^

First stop - Pavilion! 

Nando's lunch!

So cheap compared to Singapore! Hoho! Kinda disappointed cox it wasn't hot at all. :X

Went shopping before heading back to hotel! Spree on nail polishes the most cox Etude House was having sale! After the conversion, one bottle is like a dollar. How not to buy? Haha!:D

Shared a room with Paula!

Napped an hour before heading out again~ Went to Berjaya! 

Tze Char style dinner!

We each ordered a separate main. L - R: Chicken noodle soup, Hor Fun and Signature noodle. 

Sides for sharing! L - R: Fried cereal fish, gong bao chicken and ma po tofu

Went shopping again after a satisfied meal! Berjaya is seriously HUGE! 

Caught Thor too! OMG! You have to watch!!!  Really one of the better movie I've ever watched! Totally looking forward to their next movie! :D And I agree, Ironman can sux thumb pls! 

Buys of the day~ and our first day ended with nails party! 

DAY 2:
Woke up at 8am~ T.T But it worth it! Cox we went to Sunway Lagoon~ FUN!

Took a cab down, but stupid uncle dropped us at some chocolate factory first. =.= It's ok, we had much fun testing the chocolate! hoho!

Our destination~

Brunch first @ A&W! Had their fish fillet burger. Really like it! Much better than what McD offers! A&W will you return to Spore pls? :D

let the fun begins!!!

We went to 3 parks! Water, amusement and wildlife. Super fun!!! But! I guess there's one event that Paula and I will rmb for long!!! :X Totally embarrassing! I don't how to explain you have to see it with your own eyes. >.<

Washed up and went back to A&W for waffles~ AGAIN! A&W WE LOVE YOU PLS LOVE US BACK BY COMING TO SPORE!!!

Crazy shopping spree at FOS! 6 of us bought at least 6 tees each! haha!

See~ We were joking about setting up a store in bugis street! LOL!

Take-away KFC for dinner. 

I always knew KFC in msia serves rice, but I didn't expect it to be chicken rice! The fragrance totally kills! 

Played Saboteur while we waited for the GE results! Waited for aljunied till we fell asleep. LOL.

My heart really sank for GY, really wishes him all the very best! If not for him I wldn't be bothered to check out and update myself on politics. :/ 

DAY 3:
Finally get to wake up later~ Went Berjaya again for brunch!

The 3 had mini-woks

While we had korean~ yummy yummy! The only time when I would finish all my white rice~ HAHA!:D

When shopping again~ Berjaya is simply too big! :X Also, we were also a bit shag for hardcore shopping. D:

Caught Fast5!

Not really my type of movie, don't really like to see hardcore fighting scene. :X But my respect goes to them! I can imagine the sweat and pain needed to produce this kind of movie! A 2hrs movie involves thousand of team members! OMG! Such big work eh? RESPECT RESPECT! ^^

Headed down to Chinatown for dinner @ a Tze Char place

Food was ok, not really very amazing. 

Walked around before heading back. Bought more bags again when I warned myself not to. >.<

Supple back in hotel and played saboteur again! BLOCK JUYIN! lol!

DAY 4:
Time to head to genting!

Took train back to KL central and then cabbed up to genting!


Brunch @ Pizza hut~ lovely! ^^

Yummy! But not really very unforgettable. :/

Our tiny hotel room! Cox it worth $3 only! From! HAHA!

Out to play!!! I conquered my fear and played the free-fall! Seriously it wasn't very scary! 

Hungry for dinner after much FUN!:D

Walked around before heading back to hotel for HTHT and bridge! Seriously genting is still as boring~ :X

DAY 5:
Last day of our trip. :< 

Buffet early in the morning at 9!! I have steamboat A LOT A LOT! HAHAHA!

Rot at Starbuck with Monopoly deal before taking the bus home~

5 days seen to just fly pass~ Really the trip wouldn't be possible w/o paula's coordination! THANK YOU DEAR! :D Looking forward to our grad trip now! Wheeee~ 

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