Sunday, May 15, 2011

Diner Dash

I'm a super-lady today! :D

Woke up at 8am today so that I can leave home before 9am to meet Hidaya and Juyin for COKE training! Lucky the place was kinda near my place. ^^

Before I even start the event, I've already LIKE the job! HOHO! Like this really lively feeling and and and I SAW YEE JEAN too! Like so qiao? She's also working for COKE! HOHO! I forsee it gonna be so fun! With hidaya, juyin and now yee jean! Yay! 

Next next, cabbed down to CCP for my second job. Went to grab a jollibean before heading to work! haha! Just mere 3 days and I have eaten 4 redbean pancakes! :X I can't resist pls! Worked from 1pm to 10pm! 

Thought I will be mad tired, in the end I'm like so energetic now! HAHA! Actually I kinda like this job! Great ppl! So nice! ^^ Great to gossip with them about our manager. :X Haha! Out of the waitress I'm supposing the oldest BUT they really don't believe! hehe! They said I'm at most 17 from my size and my face. YAY! Thanks! I'm so HAPPY~ *sing&dance* 

Another reason to love my job:

Tea break: Garlic Bread and soup of the day

Seriously, their garlic bread is mad love! Really you have cafe that are so generous with the garlic spread! A MUST ORDER! :D

Dinner: Chap Cai Peng style cum herbal soup

I think cox the food are really ex, so the chef prepare different food for the staff. There were spinach w fried century egg, fried fish fillet, fried minced chicken and minced chicken with tofu. Plus a really tasty herbal soup! :D Self service as many portion as you want! hoho! My colleagues were like 'wa! 看不出你这么会吃' I think they secretly thinks my parents ill treated me at home. LOL! 

Supple: Fries and fried minced chicken

We experimented the fries with sour cream and bacon! HEAVEN! 

I think one reason why I'm so energetic is also because I ate too much today. Too much energy in me. LOL! I wanna go Jack's Place to eat! I wanna try their steak! Smells damn good when I was serving! :X 

LOVE MY JOB LA! SO FUN! Feel as if I'm really in a DINER DASH! Cox apparently, this outlet is the most busy one amongst the rest. Weird right? At CCP and not town? Oh well, so peak hour was really MADNESS! Hands and legs totally never stop working at all! Tried but fun with the people! ^^ HAHAHAHAHA!! But too bad, I love holiday more! :X Promised them I would go back for dine more and visit them! ^^ 

Ok, I have KL + Genting, Seniors' gathering and Jeff's party too~ Stay tune! :P 

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