Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bake bake bake

My Princess

I finally finished this drama which I started long before the vacation. lol! The drama was actually better than my expectation! ^^ Worth watching for SONG SEUNG HUN yo~ HAHA! :D 

Went for medical appointment today again. I thought I would never need to see a doctor again. Cox mummy too worried that I'm not gaining weight~ aiyayayayaya......... Oh wells~ Back home to bake! :D 

Strawberry yogurt cake!  (Taken with instagram)
Strawberry Yogurt Cake

Tasted like a light cheesecake totally!  (Taken with instagram)

How does it taste la? Just think of the light cheesecake! It's exactly the same taste! :D Omg good recipe! HAHA! Yogurt should be my substitute for future cheesecakes! Healthier choice! hohoho! Anyways, I think I shouldn't bake so much cakes also, too unhealthy for the family! :X Maybe I should bake some breads again! Haha! 

So pretty~  (Taken with instagram)
Pretty not? 

Even my Daddy who doesn't like cake actually says this is a good one! Hohoho! HAPPY! ^^

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