Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bimbo mode on

Lonely trip home with iphone left with 3% of battery, so I have nothing better to do then to think of random things. Yea, I started to think of relationship. Sorry, Lirong is very bimbo these days. :/

I questioned myself if I'm ready to accept someone new, maybe even a total stranger into my life? The people I'm meeting now are so different. In Sec/JC, you can judge or know more about a person via class interaction and things. But in Uni, it's really difficult to know a person well enough unless we are from the same clique. I feel it's really like a huge gamble? Me doesn't like to gamble, I don't like to commit into anything which I have no confidence with. I just don't dare. What if he isn't the guy that I think he is? All the what ifs just came flooding in. :X I'm just not crazy enough. I prolly need a guy that could really make me go all CRAZY and throw away all my 'what ifs'. 

Oh wells, I certainly miss the feeling of being loved and dislike the feeling of loneliness. But I'm also quite comfortable with my life now. I don't wanna rush things though. I told myself that my next relationship would also be my last one! HAHAHA! 

OH WELLS~ So should I add SEC? LOL!

Did the slackest Coke Job today. I have a very simple job, take photos of the event if not guard the exhibition. Totally bored me to my grave~ But the second part was fun! Cox boss aka Jas's not around! HAHA! Was camwhoring (explains why hp left with 3%) and bimboing with Hidaya abt SEC! HAHAHAHA!!! OMG! Why are we so Bimbo eh? Oops.! SO FUN SO FUN! Coke is really a very amazing job~ I feel like I'm being paid to go and socialize! hahahah! :D 

Lei Hoi! She's a dancer for the event! Love her personality! 

Mus! A super sweet and bubbly girl! 

The best is still being able to work with them! <3

The coke girls~ Gonna have a chalet this weekend with them! EXCITING~

Of cox these are not everyone. Basically every time I worked I'll meet different people thr! HAHA! But today is BEST! ;D

Yay! Today better! Can see the swirl!:D (Taken with instagram)

Attempted another zebra cake! Not bad now! At least I see the swirl! But still ugly. :<

Can see zebra lines le! Wheeee~  (Taken with instagram)

Nom nom nom~

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