Thursday, June 30, 2011

Goodbye June

June was here and left, leaving. Meaning, I'm just left with a month of vacation. A crucial month in fact, to decide on my fate for the next 2 years in NUS. :/ Hopefully 2 years though! :P

Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog! I have got ntg to entertain you other than my bakes! HAHA! yaya~

Pandan chiffon  (Taken with instagram)

Pandan Chiffon 

Taken with instagram

Again, it doesn't taste like chiffon, more like a Japanese cheesecake (looks like one also). So light and moist, unlike the dry chiffon. :< Shouldn't complain much, cox I earned myself a cheesecake-resemble-cake w/o the need for cheese! HAHAHAHA! *self-comfort*

Strawberry sandwich cake (Taken with instagram)

Strawberry Sandwich Cake. 

Taken with instagram

Yes, baked 2 type of cakes today. Cox I'm kinda used to whipping of eggs! So baking is really fast and easy now! Everything under an hour! ^^

Pumpkin rice!  (Taken with instagram)

Pumpkin rice

Taken with instagram

Homed to mummy's signature pumpkin rice! SO H-A-P-P-Y! Easily ate 4 bowls, but also bloated to the max pls! But pumpkin~ I just can't give it a miss! :P 


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