Sunday, July 3, 2011


I haven't be posting a proper post other than spamming the blog with my baking. So here am I with a proper post! :) 

1. OCC 

Finally back at OCC again after a year! Was so excited! But the event was quite disappointing to me. Cox the turn out was really bad. :< OCC wasn't that fun to do like the past anymore. I guess the ppl are very important. :< Aiks.. Nonetheless, glad to have Hidaya and Juyin around! :D 

Oh! Anw Maomao drove Hidaya to my house before the event to pick me up and I treated them breakfast! Guess what? Of cox were my bakes! Haha! They tried my chocolate bread and butter bread! ^^ The first 2 ppl to try my skill other than my family! ^^ Glad the respond was good! Hehe! HAPPY~ 

2. Cut Hair

Cut hair with Hidaya again! Brought her to this salon at my place. First time I feel so good after a hair cut~ My hair feels so light and healthy now! :>

I had my hair trimmed, but hidaya totally chopped off her long hair! I think really suit her too! Another happy event! :D


Was damn lucky to be able to catch this movie! Cox when we were there just nice it was left with mere 2 seats in the front row! Super heng! If not it gonna be a waste trip. :< 

But.. I don't think the movie was really awesome. Like this the least among the other 2. First the movie was way to draggy! I was yawning towards the end. :/ Second, it's weird w/o Megan Fox. I don't know who the other girl is, but she totally irritates me. Too bimbo pls! *roll eyes* 

4. Bernice's 21st Party

My dear Mirror Image's 21st! At Laguna Park which is all the way at ECP~ OMG! 

Her awesome birthday cake! Yummy! 

Her buffet spread! From STAMFORD CATERING! JUYIN! YOU TOTALLY SHOULD ORDER FROM THEM TOO! This is my 4th time having buffet from this caterer. All 4 times were awesome! <3 Great food and affordable! :) Oh! There were also brownies too! Yum Yum! :D 

The main reason for many to travel all the way to ECP! Jelly heart cheesecake! Love it! I immediately went to find the recipe for this too! Yes! I'm gonna bake it! Didn't expect it to be so simple! But tedious though. :/ Have already thought of who to make for~ hehe! 

Anw she also made garlic bread for us too! Garlic bread = lirong's love! :D 

So many TimTam for us to snack on too~ A lovely host ya? :> 


Had a great time with 4E1 again! :D Especially spamming photos together! :D Though LEO kinda made me boil! RIGHT LEO?! HAHAHA! jkjk! Thanks for helping me to take all the pretty pictures~ 

Got my dad to pick me up again. Actually I told him not to go at first, but he was wanted. :') But I feel bad la, next time I'M NOT GOING TO LET MY DAD DRIVE ME ANYMORE! 

5. Tuition

Today's tuition session made me quite touched! :') Tutee bought me chocolate to show her appreciation. AWWW~ Sweet max! The feeling is undesirable. ;') It gives me the motivation to continue teaching! GAMBATTE! 

My favourite brand and flavour still! Omg! How on Earth she knows that?! :> 2 bars digested with love. :')

6. Kinect

Today's family day, the family totally spent the whole afternoon having fun with our new XBOX! All thanks to MAOMAO! He gave this to me!!!!!! A long story on this, I shall skip it. But really so HAPPY! THANK YOU MAOMAO! 

Must really see my parents in action! DAMN CUTE LA! I LAUGHED LIKE MAD PLS! HAHAHHA! Mum very funny! At first she was like 'Don't want la, I dunno how to play, ur play I watch' BUT after she gets the hand of it, she was like DAMN HIGH AND SCREAMING ARE OVER! hahahaha!!! So love the moments then. :) Considering to post all the unglam photos here. :/ LOL! kinect is so awesome! hehe! So the deal on coming to my house and play kinect is still on! And you get to try my bakes too! Who is interested? :p haha! 

We played until no one wanna go and make dinner! LOL! So just cooked some simple dishes!

1. Fried fish
2. Braised chicken
3. Stir fried vegetable
4. Mixed soup

7. Lirong's Yong Tau Foo

Usually the guys in the house hates it when I make YTF, they say no MEAT! So this time round I'm determine to win over the heart for YTF! AND I MADE IT! 

My YTF paste was different from outside.  I used Minced meat, fish paste, carrot and onion! Carrot and onion did the magic! ^^ YAY! Now I can make YTF more often! HAPPY YET AGAIN~



Ok, Bimbo Lirong is taking her leave! byeeee~ 

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