Thursday, July 21, 2011

Friends with benefits?

Let's blog while I tries to get Juyin's party photos upload! The internet is like damn freaking slow tonight! OF ALL NIGHTS! :< 

These goodness are 50c pet piece! How not to have them every night? :P (Taken with instagram)

Can you believe these big and fat seeds of durian are selling at 50cents per fruit?! Ya, it's true! Geylang is the hot spot! That's why my family can afford to spam durian like crazy every night! 20 durians = 4 huge bags = $10 only?! Why are you not heading to geylang now?! LOL! I'm like some mad advertiser. HAHAHAHA! 

I bet you people are sick of me blogging about durian like every single day right? But sorry, this is still gonna be going on~ As long as the season is still on! :P Moderation is never in the Sun's dictionary! :P We rather bloat ourselves to death then to keep them for other day. LOL! The 'we' only refers to mummy and I though. :X 


You know you have eaten too much durians when even your pee smells of durian. LOL! HIDAYA YOU WERE RIGHT! Even the excretion smells of durian! :X OK, Too much infor from a supposed-demure girl. LOL! 

Let's really pray this durian-spamming thing bring me closer to my ideal weight. :) 

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  1. LOL my pee eternally smells like durian whenever i spam it HAHAHAHAAH but i like leh cos it reminds me of the many durians i ate LOL