Saturday, July 23, 2011

Be hopeful always

I think life is simply amazing. Just earlier today, I was having a bad headache and cursing mad on what modules to take this sem! But right now, it seem that everything is pretty in place nicely. IF everything follows plan. I may get a ONE DAY week every odd week and only THREE DAYS week on even week! Cool max? IF EVERYTHING FOLLOWS PLAN. Ya, something life can also be a bitch be making you happy one moment and screwing you yet another. So pls don't do this to me!

Chuan De takes GEM2901 with me and Juyin takes GEK1529 with me! ^^ And I'm gonna challenge Immuno! Jiayou Lirong!

Juyin's 21st Party

Her party was record breaking. 

1. The 1st party that I went which actually have games to entertain the guests! Really awesome and funny! :D

2. One of the best cake eaten and also by far the biggest piece I see being served at party! HAHA! SO YUMMY!!!!!!!!! 

3. I had 3 rounds of the buffet food (from Stamford Catering which I've recommended to her! LOL!)

4. Freaking cold that I couldn't feel my hands at all when I was taking photos. :< 

So glad to be able to help her in the party too! :) I think it's really wonderful to have a 21st party. One a life time of course and you really feel very loved! Can't really describe the feeling cox Lirong sux with words. LOL! But ya, party is awesome. 

Rag&Flag BBQ

In school earlier today to meet Ho-oh regarding CORS and then BBQ in the evening. 

Helping with the food! ^^

Hotdogs and crabsticks are my favourite BBQ food!!!!

I think I ate at least 20 hotdogs and crabsticks alone tonight. I'M INSANE. Lots of food this time round! Had satay, stingray, sotong and corns. The only thing I didn't eat was chicken wings. HAHA! Oh ya! There's this guy that bbq super delicious marshmallows!!! TOTALLY MELTED IN THE MOUTH!!! <3 I love marshmallow a lot now because of his marshmallows. ^^

OPI shatter damn nice~ 

Came home and ate daddy saved 4 durians for me!!! LOL! Lirong has gone from an anti-supper person to a I-love-durian-as-supper-everyday-girl. So wonderful~ I think I'm gonna be very sad when the season is over. :< 

Should I go clothes buffet tml? Can we even wake up in time? LOL! Ok, City hunter time! 4 episodes left! So exciting now! :P


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