Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just started

Worked for GVW the first time ytd at The Cathay. Madness. My shoulders almost died from carrying the serving plate for half a day. :< I feel old. GVW is so no fun compared to coke! HAHA! 

Had lunch with the girls before work, yaya. Me and YTF again. We were at PS Kopitiam, come on the YTF there is like the best! Cannot miss! LOL! 

Late dinner with them again after work! :D Ok, was really hungry! Cox it was like passed 9pm and my last meal was before 2pm. =.= But also not that superly hungry cox my stomach was full of GVW. :/

Redeemed my Forlick to share with the girls, while we queued for POPEYES! Hmm.. I still prefer Yami Yogurt though. 

The mashed potato that I was craving all day long~ Should have just bought the large bowl instead! LIKE YUMMY MAX! :D 

Oh! I should have taken a photo with juyin! We looked like a pair of twin ytd! Cox we actually wore the same tee!! Given the similar height, hair length and attire, we seriously can cheat as twins from far. HAHA! 

Anyway I finally have time to toy around with my new baby! 


We were allowed to take some of the GVW back so I took a flavour each. Actually the tastes of which flavours aren't that bad! Maybe I was expecting worse from all the comments given that's why. :P Personally I would prefer 'Multi-V', lemonade, the best. But most people actually like the 'Power-C', dragonfruit, better. Well, try it and decide for yourself! Load up the vitamins! :) 

Loving the cheerful colours! 

Fooling with the different modes. Love monochrome the best!

Brought the camera down to play today! :D :D :D

Trying to do aperture shooting

Got a bit of feel la. :X But seriously I'm not always successful at it. Still learning how to control the camera. Can someone teach me how to create a nice aperture photo? Really love the effect~

Monochrome again! :D

Curry vegetable for dinner! First time that we actually managed to finish the whole thing! Which is 5 plates of this size. Our stomach capacities are ever increasing! :X 

How do I name this soup? Just one of my family's favourite homemade soup! HAHA! 

So the 2 photos above, I tried aperture. But failed~ SAD SAD SAD! :< 

Anyway, I didn't edit any of the photo, raw and uncut. Can actually see the different with the ones taken with my iphone right? heh heh heh. 

Ok, gonna head back to my 'tutorial' on aperture with youtube! BYE! 

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