Friday, July 8, 2011

Blissful to have yo

I feel I'm like the luckiest girl in the Universe today! :)

1. Woke up and have breakfast together with mummy!
So happy to have someone to eat breakfast with! Usually Lirong eats her breakfast alone. Lonely~ I feel happiness to have someone with me at the table! :)

2. Did house chores with mummy!
I feel the need to be a good girl and help mummy too! Cleaning the entire house is freaking tiring! Though my house is tiny. :X But I feel so happy! Cox I'm helping my mother and that makes her happy and relieve her pain from the ever ending housework! :)

3. Pumpkin congee for lunch!
Been long since I last ate congee and it's congee! My mummy dote me lots! Hehe! :D 3 Bowls down the throat  How not to be happy?! :D

4. Shopping!
Out to shop for my new camera at Funan Digital Mall. Planned to get Iphone4 for mummy, but she decided to wait for Iphone5 instead. So let's hope it will be launched in Sept! Just nice to get it as her birthday present! Shhhh! HAHA! Anyways, so we went to shop for camera. Was looking for this model, Sony Hx9v.

 A hybrid camera. Much bigger than a normal digital camera but definitely easier to carry around than a semi-pro! I really love this camera after reading all the reviews online!! Was so on to get this model! BUT! The model was out-of-stock ISLAND WIDE! Crapz! Apparently it's a very popular model too. T.T Sad? OF COX! Boomz! 

Guess what did I get in the end?


Panasonic Lumix FZ40, A semi-pro camera. I didn't want a semi-pro for it's weight. So heavy to carry around~ But mummy was like 'Lumix is only $50 more than hx9v! You should get Lumix! Your daddy also wants you to get a camera like this!' They have totally forgotten that their daughter is the one to carry the camera. LOL! Why am I complaining when I have such good camera btw?! No I'm just a bit sad that I can't get Hx9v. But this FZ40 is good too! If not I can make it a miniature! LOL! 

Yay! I'm so excited to test out the camera tml!!!! :D wheeee~ 

And the best part is I pay $0 for this! Mummy got it for me! Hohoho! Eh.. I didn't make my mum pay it for me kay! I paid it by myself at the counter! But lovely mummy secretly transferred the money back to my a/c! AWWWWWW~ <3 <3 <3 I feel less broke now. LOL! But I feel like a very expensive daughter. Come to think of it, this year I have spent a bomb on my parents. Like 21st party, 21st gold bar, this camera, my licence and not to mention how much medication fee they have threw in on me too. Hais.. Medication fee is the most ouch part! :< I feel bad now! I'm reminding myself every seconds to show more appreciation to the family cox they love me so much.  :')

So the happiness here is not about the camera, the happiness is the love I get from my parents. <3

5. Dinner Yong Tau foo!
We shopped till we literally dropped you see! Walked the entire afternoon. :X Mummy wanted to just cook a simple noodle dinner but I think I should do something better! So I made yong  tau foo for the family again using my secret recipe! Haha! Kinda a rush to prepare everything under an hour! And I over-fed myself seriously! Much worse than after any buffet. -.- So mum played Kinect with me to help me in disgestion! haha! Actually she wanted to play de loh! So tired after an hour plus of gaming! :/ Finally feeling better now~ I really shouldn't bloat myself anymore! Don't wanna screw up my digestive system further! :< 

Love (Taken with instagram)


Can life get any better than this? :P

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