Saturday, July 16, 2011

Queen Bee wannabe

Have been real busy lately. As you can infer from the lack of posting. :X So a little updates before I disappear again~ Haha!

1. Drama

Lie to me

Finished this drama like last week. Hmm.. not really the type of drama that I enjoy bah.. towards the end was a bit boring~ 

Finished the whole 6 seasons of HIMYM not long ago! OMG! SO AWESOME! :D Thank you Hidaya! hahaha! The seasons really only get BETTER AND BETTER! :D IT'S LEGEND---ARY~ Looking forward to the next! :D Now I understand why the series is so popular! Judge it yourself! :)

Wanted to start Big Bang Theory. But I HAVE GOT NO TIME! D:

2. Work

Did 2 events this week and another upcoming one tml. 1st was at ITE College East. Ulu place! T.T The crowd there was really small too! Bored to hell! :< The only thing that I like about the place is their canteen! WHY NUS YOUR FOOD NO LIKE ITE TOO?! :< :< :< 2nd one was at NYP. Freaking near my place! Hahaha! Feel that the crowd wasn't very big too but definitely better than ITE! But the food there was disappointing. So small portion~ 'Hello stall auntie! Pls don't judge my stomach base on my size!' Ya, Lirong judge a place based on the food. LOL! Tml is $9/hr at CCK stadium! Of cox I'll work! HAHAHA!!

3. Bake

Have been busy so I have no time to play around with baking using the oven. So no baked cake/bread. I did steamed cakes/kueh which are so so so much easier to prepare! :D Just mix everything and bring them to steam! :D Surprisingly the family also likes them too! They say it is less 'heaty' compared to baked items. Good then. Nobody to stop me! haha!

Brown sugar Huat Kueh 

One of my favourite food for CNY! :D

White sugar rice cake

Another traditional kueh that I love! 

I did a brown sugar raisin steamed cake also. Can't find that picture. :< Must have deleted accidentally. Weird thing is, brown sugar is actually red in colour. Why not call it red sugar? LOL! 

Anyways, you see the things that I made are all my all-time-favourites. LOL! 

Planning to make more kueh still! Fast and easy! :D

4. Food

Was at ABC food centre the other day. Of cox I couldn't give the famous Fatty Cheong char siew a miss! The queue was crazy! Not to say I was there during lunch time. :/ 

Wanton Mee (noodle with Chinese dumpling)

But it was so worth the wait!!! The char siew is really like damn juicy! Best I ever had! :D I wanna go back to ABC again! So many nice food there~ Commonwealth folks are damn lucky! 

Oh, I ate 3 consecutive days of YTF this week too. No surprise right? Haha!  

Another highlight has to be today's great steal!!!

12 maoshanwang!

Dad was this durian stall in geylang having promotion for this premium durian. A normal price of $12/kg is selling at $8/kg! We went down straight after dinner to get them! :P Bought 12 pieces in the end! HAHAHA! Damn shiok!!! Trust me, have one maoshanwang and you will never want to eat any other durians. 

Ok, I can't really rmb what had happened for the past few days already. Mainly these and my daily dose of being a future risk factor on the road. So you know why I'm so lack of some meme time. :< 

I'm a Queen Bee. Queen of being busy like a bee~ HAHAHAHA! Actually I don't understand why I'm so lack of time for myself. This whole week I'm basically out every single day~ :< I need time for myself! So tired to wake up at 8 in the morning! T.T 

Ok bye! 

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