Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back to school

School gonna start tml for me, have to keep reminding myself that it gonna be week 2 and not week 1! :X Don't wanna be too ambitious this semester, cox my modules are really quite scary. D: Just wanna maintain my CAP! haha! So yups! Before I neglect the blog, I wanna do a sum up of my summer! :D There were too many events! So just gonna write those memorable ones only. :P

1. 5D4N getaway to KL+Genting

Awesome little holiday with the people. <3 Thank you Paula for making it possible! ^^

2. Jeff's Birthday Party

This deserves some mention becox it think it fostered our bond as a family even stronger, plus the place and food was really like ATAS! LOL!

3. Dragon Boat Festival

Makan! ^^ (Taken with instagram)

I finally mastered rice dumplings! Hello future family of mine! I can make dumplings for you guys! HEHHEHHEH!

4. SCAMP'11

One of my best camp ever becox of Ho-oh. They are really simply awesome. 

5. Baking

Finally got my hands on flour! 

Ok, some of my personally proud works! :D

First icing cake

Mixed fruit pastry cake. Especially for my dad!  (Taken with instagram)

First pastry cake

Raisin Cake

Taken with instagram\

Pandan Chiffon

Strawberry sandwich cake (Taken with instagram)

Strawberry sandwich cake

Taken with instagram

Milo Chiffon

So pretty~  (Taken with instagram)

Strawberry yogurt cake

Can see zebra lines le! Wheeee~  (Taken with instagram)

Zebra cake

White sugar rice cake

Taken with instagram

Peach pound cake

Other than cakes, I did breads too! ^^

My third batch of breads! :D (Taken with instagram)

Fewer breads made cox it's really freaking tedious! :X 

Thanks for the many positive reviews! Still improving to be a better baker! GAMBATTE! 

6. My Lumix

A bit regret buying this cox of the size. :X


7. Durian

These goodness are 50c pet piece! How not to have them every night? :P (Taken with instagram)

Our 4th night of durian supple!:D (Taken with instagram)

Seriously which family eats durian EVERYNIGHT as supper? My family does for almost 3 weeks! Actually just my mum and I. LOL! At least 60 seeds of durian into the stomach every night for 3 weeks. 


We seriously are some durian mania. I had a fever right after a night when I ate more than 80 seeds and found myself gained an instant 5kg. LOL! PRO! 

8. Momentum Crew

Really love this job! Thank you Hidaya for the introduction! :D 

9. Driving

I still feel like killing myself whenever I recalled about ytd. Sigh.. Oh well, Dad says we most likely will only buy a car in Dec. Hopefully COE will fall by then. So no point for me to rush the license now too. :/ Alright~

10. X-box kinect 

I was only half-jokingly to Maomao to get me a kinect! Little did I know he really did! OMG! Yes! Super surprised and of cox touched to have such a great friend! :D
11. Buffet

Make a guess, how many buffets have I eaten over this 3months of summer? 


Actually I can't rmb well too. LOL!

1. Hotpot Culture - Mothers' Day 

2. Steamboat + BBQ - Genting trip

3. Lao Beijing XLB - Meetup with Cass and Ginny

4. Momiji @ poMo - Fathers' Day

5. Hei Sushi - Hooh

6. F.I.S.H - Hooh

7. Momiji @ City Square mall - Brother's birthday

8. Swatow Dim Sum - GAMBIT

That's it! 8 buffets in 3 months! Adding on to my 3 buffets earlier this year, this amount to 11 buffets in less than 8 months! :) Say hi to BUFFET QUEEN pls! :P

Don't ask me why did the fats go. 

PS: Thurs going to SWATOW again! Damn EXCITING~

12. Gained weight

The last one and the most important one! I have to gain weight right? With the number of buffets that I ate and  not forgetting how sinful durians are. 

I put on...


I hear ppl cursing.. 


So glad for the 1kg of weight on me. Cox I don't look so bone-ly on photos anymore! :D and brother says I look so much better and healthier now! hehe! 

Actually, I kinda think the 1kg was more from durian. But the season is over~ No way to gain weight now! :(

Alright, this sums up my holiday~ In addition to some gatherings and 21st parties too! :D Really, this summer was very meaningful. 

Summer, I'll miss you! 

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