Thursday, August 18, 2011

I really love baking

Finally baked with the girls yesterday  the day before at Paula's place! :D This was suppose to take place during the holiday but we sat on it till now! HAHAHAHA!

Met with Juyin and Paula first to get the ingredients after my lesson. Paula bought me to heaven, the baking paradise~ Phoon Huat! Can't wait to visit the place again! :D Even can't wait to get a real oven! LOL! 

okok, back to topic. So went Paula's place to bake after which! :D

We initially wanted to do marcanons and cinnamon roll, but couldn't find almond powder so replaced with cookies and cream cupcakes instead. :< 

Spend almost 2hrs running round places to get ingredients alone! Mad tired after which. not to mention to bake! :X

Cookie and Cream Cupcakes

oreo as the base and for frosting.

Juyin measuring the flour!

Paula and the mixer! 

Scooping the batter into the mold! 

Ready to enter the oven! 

Done! 18 of them~ 


The end product! <3

Was very successful! :D 

Frosting part was really funny! Cox neither of us know how to do it! HAHA! Anyway, cupcakes are damn fattening la! Especially the frost! Basically fats and sugar and nothing else! The best combination to die of young age! LOL! But really proud of the work! Though I think I never do much for the cupcakes, paula's mixer make things so much easier! :D Saved a lot of time and energy! ^^ Yay!

Cinnamon rolls


I super love cinnamon! ^^ 

Spreading the powder on the proofed dough

Ready to send into the oven~ 


I'm so glad we decided to bake this in the end! Cox it's so good!!! I think the best feeling one can get from baking is to see the happiness painted on the faces of those enjoying your bakes. I felt that. :')

I'm so definitely gonna re-make this again! :D  

And these were our dinner for the night too! HAHA! 

We were like so mad tired~~~ 

We realised sth too, none of us like cupcakes yet we baked 18 sinful of them! LOL! We just like to bake them instead of eating. HAHA! I also found out sth abt myself, I'll eat anything when I'm hungry! There's no such thing as too tired to eat for me. :X 

So dinner was 5 cinnamon rolls (took 2 more home to eat as supper) and 2 cupcakes. 

Really love the cinnamon much!

Love to bake these cute things but not eating them. :X 

Wish someone could pay me to bake all day at home! :P


Anyway, today marks the end of my first week in school! LOL! 3 days in school follow by a 5 days break before I go back to school for 2 days then 5 days break again. OMG right?! (Y)

Anyway, I'm really so happy with my core modules!! All of them!! At first I was like super worried about immunology! But it turned out to be so enjoyable and understandable! :D Plus there were so much over-lapping with cardio!! heh heh heh! Pharmco was good too! I'm like can't wait for the next lectures!!! LOL! 

Basically I think I will enjoy whatever I'm study this sem! YAY! I'm more worried for Plant Earth. Don't understand a shit. Oh well, at most S/U loh.. HAHA! Didn't go for Food&health yet, but I think should be fine bah? The lecture notes seen harmless. LOL! 

Cores w/o Hidaya = No one to tell me where are the ECs~ LOL! Now my lecture buddies have totally changed to Izhar, Aik Xin, Jia Xin, Shu Qing, Lynn and Cheryl. Now that my person is with them, I hope my CAP will follow their trend too. LOL! Better if it's Izhar's CAP. HAHAHAHAHA!! Diffusion will occur! LOL! 


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